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Case Study – Liam loves Escalators

‘Liam Loves Escalators’ Children’s Safety Awareness Campaign on behalf of LEIA

Following on from last year’s successful Children’s Safety Campaign ‘Liam Loves Lifts’, bandv were asked by LEIA (the Lift & Escalator Industry Association) to create and promote another children’s safety campaign, this time to raise awareness about the dangers of escalators and the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of escalator safety.

The Client

LEIA is a not for profit organisation who provides expert support to all its members and promotes lift and escalator safety by offering advice on health, safety and standards.

The Objectives

The primary objective was to raise awareness of a range of hazards for young children on and around escalators in order to educate parents to be more vigilant and promote the safe travel on escalators for all family members.

20,000 copies of a fun, free children’s book and colouring poster were written and illustrated by bandv to distribute to parents of young children to achieve our primary objective.

Our secondary objective was to use the existing ‘Liam Loves’ social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) set up for the previous campaign to create a buzz around the new safety campaign, to ensure interest in and maximum distribution of the new book and colouring poster to our relevant target audience. By engaging with our target audience on the Facebook and Twitter page, we also hoped to get our followers openly discussing escalator safety.

We wanted to entertain and delight in order to educate and circulate the key safety messages to as many of our target audience as possible.

We did

The ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ children’s safety campaign ran from September 2017 – January 2018 and bandv’s PR Account Director Angela Breckenridge wrote the story while our Graphic Designer Sally Berkeley illustrated the complete children’s book and colouring poster.

bandv’s PR Account Manager promoted the new book and safety campaign and managed the complete campaign from start to finish, including all social media elements, press activity, advertising and order collation and processing.

bandv also developed a poem to include inside the storybook and on the colouring poster which encompassed all the main safety messages in an entertaining way to help children engage with and remember them. We also ran a colouring competition on the ‘Liam Loves’ Facebook and Twitter page to continue the momentum of the campaign and to further promote the book.

To ensure we were reaching our desired target audience, as part of the PR campaign, bandv also ran an on-pack promotion with ‘Mother & Baby’ magazine in which over 11,000 copies of the ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ book and poster were circulated as a free giveaway within major supermarkets across the country.

There is also a free page-turner and E-book version available on the LEIA website which we promoted towards the end of the campaign and will remain on the organisation’s website as a free safety resource accessible to anyone.

The result

By generating a buzz on social media through regular posts and running a colouring competition, through press activity, an on-pack promotion with ‘Mother & Baby’ magazine and by running a series of ads on key parenting websites (Mumsnet & Netmums), bandv managed to successfully distribute nearly 20,000 copies of the children’s book and poster to the relevant audience.

Not to mention the fantastic feedback we received from our target audience who loved the free book and poster and left some lovely comments on the ‘Liam Loves’ Facebook and Twitter page.

The free version of the E-book and page-turner is available to download via LEIA’s website


A summary of the ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ project:

An original and charming storybook – ‘Liam loves Escalators’
A poem all about escalator safety
A clear set of escalator rules ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’
An A3 colouring poster
 A Page turner PDF and E-book

A successful PR campaign (including an on-pack promotion with ‘Mother & Baby’ magazine) to promote the book and poster that meant almost 20,000 copies were distributed to our target audience.

An online social media campaign to promote the free safety pack using the ‘Liam Loves’ Facebook ( and Twitter (

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