We'd love to welcome you on board

Breckenridge is a digital agency that is obsessed with growth — no matter whether it’s for our clients, our company or our team members. We’re always on the lookout for talented people with a hunger for learning and achievement, and a desire to do what’s right for our clients. But thankfully, it’s not all work, work, work. We take pride in having the wrongest sense of humour on the planet, and we do our best to laugh together and enjoy every moment we can.

Step up. Thrive together. Make your mark.

Our values cut to the heart of who we are and how we work as a team. We respect each other's unique skills, but we know it takes all of us working together as a unit to deliver awesome results for our clients. That's the secret sauce that keeps us — and our clients — coming back for more.

Our culture

As an agency, we've been around since the early 80s. Think shoulder pads, polo neck jumpers, big hair and even bigger glasses. A lot has changed since those heady days, but not our attitude towards our work. What drives us forward is still the sense of fulfilment and pride we get from doing what we do. We achieve this through a mixture of great teamwork, creativity and the diversity of our life experiences.


Current vacancies

Please see our current vacancies below. If you don't see anything suitable below but feel like Breckenridge would be a great fit for your skills and experience we are always open to a chat – drop us a line!

No current vacancies
Please come back soon!

What's in it for you?

Well, aside from the fact that you’ll be joining a great team of people who work real well together, you’ll also benefit from the fact that we work hard to ensure that we look after our people – after all, they’re the most important part of our business! So as well as a good job with a competitive salary, you can expect:

Hybrid working

Some tasks need to be tackled in the right place. Brainstorming just isn't the same over video conferencing, but at the same time, wrestling with spreadsheet formulae is something to be done in peace and quiet. That's why we offer a flexible mixture of hybrid working.

Flexible hours

Everyone faces different challenges. Sometimes, traditional working patterns may not be right for you. At Breckenridge, we’re flexible enough to help you strike the right work-life balance for your needs while still allowing you to make progress towards your career goals.

Vibrant city-centre workspace

Experience our office space in the heart of Southampton, which offers booths for small groups and one-to-one meetings, a cafe-style space for informal get-togethers, as well as a variety of bookable meeting rooms. And of course, we also have desks for solo work too!

Learning time & investment

We know that our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we encourage learning and development for all our team members. If it helps you further your career and grow, we’re into it.

Your birthday off

It’s your birthday? Take the day off. Go out with friends. Stay home. Eat some cake. Run a half marathon. Go to a Star Trek convention. Ok, we can’t tell you what to do, but we can give you the day off to do as you please!

Closed for Twixtmas

Nobody wants to work on the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Guess what? You get those days off, and it doesn’t even come out of your annual leave allowance, so you can keep eating leftovers and re-watching Harry Potter movies until the New Year.

Team socials

In today’s remote working environment, it can mean we sometimes go weeks without seeing another team member IRL. That’s why we believe it’s more important than ever to get out and have fun together as often as we can.

Dress for your day

There’s no such thing as a strict dress code around here. Looking after the talent and happiness of our team is more important. Client meeting? Feel free to dress to impress. Zoom suit? What we can’t see can’t traumatise us!

A good brew

It goes without saying that when you’re in the office, an endless supply of good coffee or tea is non-negotiable. We’ll make sure you get your brew. Word to the wise; our senior designer Diarmid makes a legendary cuppa!

What our people say

I've been with Breckenridge for over 15 years now and have witnessed a lot of change in that time, both in the needs of our clients and in the way that we have responded to those needs. Despite some obvious challenges, we have gone from strength to strength and I can honestly say that it's a delight to be able to work with such a knowledgeable, dedicated and above all, really great team of people.

Diarmid Langley, Senior Designer


Do I need to send a cover letter with my application?
Cover letters (or emails!) aren't essential, but they do give you an edge. Why? Because that's where you share your motivation for the role, your personality and you get to tell us things that might not fit a CV format.
Are there any essential skills I need to have to apply for the job?

Every job will have essential skills, and these will be on the job ads, but 'soft' skills are core to every role at Breckenridge because we deliver for our clients by working together!

Do you need references?

Yes, but only after you have accepted a job. We won't approach your referees without your say-so.

Will I hear back from you if I’m not successful?

Yes, we respond to every applicant. (It's how we'd like to be treated.)

What happens during the hiring process?

Our people are our greatest asset, so we hire with care. <3

  1. If your CV is selected, we invite you to a screening call. This is to make sure we are on the same page about the basics - location, hours, salary, etc.
  2. Interview. This is usually with the hiring manager and one other team member. This can be in person or more usually via. videoconference. Here we deep-dive into the core stuff of the job.
  3. Standardised testing. To keep us real about hiring for capability, we use an online platform to give candidates for each job the same test. Tests are usually 20-30 minutes long, and we share the results with you afterward.
  4. 2nd interview. This is usually with the hiring manager and with a member of the People team. Here we look at your test results, and deep dive into the additional skills for the role, including those crucial soft skills.
  5. Decision-time and candidate feedback.
Are you flexible on interview times?

We care about our team's work-life balance so we prefer to interview within our usual office hours (9am-5.30pm). However, we know that it can be tough to make this happen if you're already employed, so we will do our best to find a time that works for you. After all, we want to see you at your best, not in a hot mess. :)

How should I prepare for my interview?

We expect you to have done your homework on us, and checked out our website at least. If you want to go the extra mile, here are 2 tips:

  1. We use behavioural interview questions. You can look up what this means, but as a general steer...have a think about examples of your past work experience and the impact you made in some challenging situations!
  2. Our testing platform for most roles is Testdome. They have practice questions. Just sayin'.
What should I wear to my interview?

Our dress code is 'dress for your day' so dress to impress in whatever way is comfy for you.

Do you ever hire for roles you haven't advertised?
Yes. We are growing really fast.
If you'd like to send us your CV for a role we haven't advertised yet, please email iwanttoworkat@breckenridge.agency