Developing and supporting a pivot in marketing strategy supported by an all-new website

Sealpac UK & Partners have been at the forefront of supplying production line solutions to the food industry for over three decades and are UK leaders in helping their clients to improve productivity, reduce waste, increase production line longevity and reduce costs.

The Challenge

Sealpac UK & Partners (SPUK) recognised that there was a need to make a step change in how they took their proposition to market. As an end-to-end production solutions provider of complex and technical machinery, SPUK’s marketing had traditionally revolved around the machines themselves. However as the food industry has evolved, so too has SPUK’s offering; not just evolving, but also greatly expanding. Perhaps the biggest challenge that SPUK faced was in educating the market on the breadth and depth of their expertise and the services that they can offer.

The Solution

Our relationship with SPUK began in 2018 with the primary objective at that time being to consolidate their marketing efforts and help them to improve their overall presence in the market. Working initially with their Marketing Manager, we migrated their existing website onto HubSpot and began to build out a programme of ongoing inbound marketing. At the same time we were also making incremental changes to SPUK’s website, updating some pages and introducing new ones to directly support the new marketing activities.

Throughout the intervening years it became apparent that as the market shifted and, with it, SPUK’s offering grew and evolved, the previous marketing strategy also needed to be revamped. Working closely with SPUK, we shifted the emphasis away from the concentration on individual machine types, focusing instead on the key strengths that allow SPUK to offer a holistic service to their clients. This has culminated in the development of their Consulting / Delivering / Supporting messaging which provides a platform on which to build a new marketing strategy that concentrates on the expertise that SPUK can offer, right from the planning and design of production lines, through delivery and installation of the machinery, to a full suite of after sales servicing, support and training.

The pivot from product-focused marketing to a more service and expertise-based approach also required a change of strategy for the SPUK website and presented a golden opportunity to redevelop it from the ground up. Still built on the HubSpot CMS platform, the new site has a refreshed look and feel that better represents the modern capabilities of the company. However, it goes much deeper than mere aesthetics. A comprehensive SEO-led content audit was undertaken, which was then used in tandem with a host of other metrics and indicators to inform an all-new content strategy that has been used to generate all-new, highly targeted content that is designed to support the new direction of their marketing efforts.

The Results

The new website was launched in mid-2023 and at the time of writing, there has not really been time to gather much hard data, however there is already a huge increase in Site Health score, coupled with an impressive 33.4% reduction in bounce rate. Site-driven contacts are also up on 2022 numbers, so it has been a very promising launch.

The site is also much more user-friendly for both visitors and editors alike. Built using our own set of in-house HubSpot modules the whole website is designed to be as flexible as possible, ensuring that it is very easy to update and expand the site as required. The whole site is now structured entirely around the new three pillars of Consulting / Delivering / Supporting, with the main CTA touchpoints all being built around encouraging customers to engage with SPUK, so opening the door to those all-important initial conversations.


Developing, collaborating and supporting with the perfect balance from both sides

"The skill set, experience and support that Breckenridge offers has been a key part of helping us bring our vision to reality for the website and business system development at Sealpac UK.

"Collaborating with the team and tapping in to the extensive resources allows us to move forward whilst getting the best from both sides. Regular reviews continue to bring the relationship closer and create a deeper understanding of our business when developing new sectors and products. Breckenridge have helped to create the standards and tools, enabling our business the agility to adapt and grow at the same time."

Gary Tufnell

Product Manager

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