Supporting a start-up through US expansion and funding rounds

Founded in 2016, AccelerComm is a semiconductor IP-core company that provides patented physical layer solutions. Their purpose is to deliver innovative technology that enables cost effective, market leading digital 5G communications whilst continuing their journey from a research-led start-up to a global 5G Communications Specialist.

The Challenge

Timely growth is key for start-ups, specifically for those reliant on funding rounds. Demonstrable change, improvements and ROI are key to continuing to attract investors and thus realising the full potential of the business.

For AccelerComm, the big challenges for increased opportunities were establishing recognition in a niche, research-driven market with large established competitors dominating market share as well as gaining stronger traction in the US.

The Solution

Our relationship began with AccelerComm in 2019 with the primary objective of building a solid base from which to market from. This comprised of core strategy work to define buyer journeys and personas, auditing current content and marketing activities as well as driving a more coherent brand identity across all sales and marketing materials, most importantly on their new HubSpot website. Our initial work set the best possible foundations for capitalising on increased investment in marketing activities.

We then moved into a period of consolidation, working hard to gain maximum re-use from existing materials and new efforts. We did this by building out a resources area to position AccelerComm as research experts, regularly creating video content, infographics, presentations and use cases whilst pushing this out on owned social channels and via blogs. All this great content benefited from traffic driven by very targeted PPC campaigns on Google and LinkedIn, managed by Breckenridge, across the UK and US.

As interest and investment in AccelerComm grows, so too does product development. Having most recently realigned on strategic and product messaging for the future direction of the company, we’re busy supporting with event materials and targeted email campaigns to shout about this step change.

And we’re not done there, as a growing company using HubSpot to align its sales and marketing activities, together we are focussing on improved systems and processes, helping to maximise automation, reporting and integrations so AccelerComm are primed ready to scale quickly.

The Results

In 2022, AccelerComm has achieved its biggest round of funding to date at £30m, have moved into brand new offices to accommodate the growing team and have won a Global Mobile Award (GLOMO) for Best Digital Tech Breakthrough for Companies with Under $10 Million Annual Global Revenue.

Really getting to know our client, their goals and ambitions, and working together as a team has helped us to drive the business forward over the last 3 years (2018 to 2021 comparisons).


480% increase in new website traffic
75% increase in new leads
102% increase in MQLs
21% increase in paid traffic

Super impressed with the team’s support

"We truly appreciate Breckenridge’s flexibility in being available to support us in the US and in the UK and troubleshoot any system issues we may be having quickly.

Most recently I have been super impressed with the team's support on implementing products into our sales deals and their work on building custom calculated properties to feed into some bespoke pipeline reporting.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Breckenridge to any company looking for a partner to help them get the most out of HubSpot to support their businesses growth."

Stuart Ching

VP North America

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