Why partner with us?

We help our clients to get set up on HubSpot according to their specific needs and ensure your team is confident with using the system.

Our onboarding team are certified as technical experts in HubSpot, so they’ll not only help you to get the most out of the platform during setup, but also show you the best practices for managing HubSpot in the most efficient way.

Onboarding benefits

  • Quick time to value
  • Minimise disruption during setup
  • Protect the integration of your stack
  • Import existing assets and campaigns
  • Ensure your team doesn’t lose their work
  • Learn how to keep your data clean
  • Make sustainable process improvements

Our onboarding process

We’ve done over 50 HubSpot setups and counting! You’ll only onboard once, so it’s worth making the most of our expertise to make sure that your system has been migrated and set up in the best possible way to sustain you through your future growth plans.



Solutions for everyone

We know that not all companies are alike, so we have tailored a range of onboarding packages that address diverse needs, so whether you just need some help in getting started or you have a much more complex requirement, we have the experience and skills you need to get the most out of your HubSpot toolset.


Ready to get stuck in? Our team will guide your onboarding experience at every step, keeping you and your team on track to becoming operational and realising the full benefit of your HubSpot platform.
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Larger team with more complex business operations? Custom onboarding starts with a detailed discovery and scope to give you confidence of a smooth transition into HubSpot.

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Need integrations, automation and processes to support multiple business units? Our seconded Consultant will work as part of your team to develop processes, implement and support for as long as you need them.

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We'll help you make the smoothest and fastest possible transition to HubSpot, whether you're moving from legacy systems or just starting out.
Not sure which package is right for you? Book a call with our team.

"They understand our B2B business and how we want to utilise HubSpot to enhance our activities. I would recommend Breckenridge to any business looking to improve their marketing, sales, delivery and management processes. "

Suzanna Harley

Stannah Lifts

After setup, what comes next?

Once you’re up and running, our support doesn’t just end there. We’re always here to offer a full suite of marketing, design and development services to help your business grow and get the best from your new HubSpot account.

Is your CRM the business asset you need it to be? We’ll help you remove the frustration of inaccurate data, duplicate properties, missing records and import data errors.

Leverage all the best HubSpot productivity tools and automation to get your sales team closing deals faster.


Our in-house developers are specialised in the HubSpot CMS, meaning we can fully design, build and support your HubSpot website.

You’ve spent a lot of time developing your products and services to solve your customers’ pain points, but now you need to go to market with a well-developed brand that looks and sounds as amazing as you know your offering to be. We’ll help you use branding to make an emotional connection with your audience and communicate your vision of marketplace domination.

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