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Ever since the emergence of YouTube and the increasing availability of camera phones and broadband, video has become a top performer among all forms of content. This is even true in business-to-business content marketing, and the demand is showing no signs of slowing. The possibilities are endless: video interviews, animated explainers and how-to tutorials are just some of the types of video content you could create to engage and delight your potential customers.

What do we offer?

Case studies

Show off your most successful projects with an on-site video production. Show your customer’s challenge, explain how you solved it, and end it all off with a glowing testimonial in your customer’s own voice.


There’s nothing more convincing than giving a hands-on demonstration of how effective your product or service is. But instead of in person, this content is available on-demand, whenever your audience is looking for it.

How-to tutorials

If your sales and service teams are sitting on some valuable industry knowledge, why not produce some how-to videos designed to put your brand in front of people who might be searching for advice on the subject?


Ideal for social media channels as well as your website, animated explainers are short, easy-to-digest videos explaining how your product, service, or a complex industry topic works in simple terms.

The production process

Our team loves sinking their teeth into a creative challenge. Every video project is designed to engage your target audience and deliver tangible results. Whether you choose live action or animation, we can help you create professional and high quality video content that fits in with your marketing strategy and aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Plan & storyboard

We start with a basic concept and outline of the video, separating the content into distinct scenes and writing the script for each scene.


With a live action video, we will plan an on-site shoot, and for animated videos, illustrators and animators are on hand to create magic on screen.


The post production stage includes video editing, the selection of a background music track, insertion of subtitles, and the production of a professional voice over narration where needed.


Once the final version of the video is ready, it’s time to promote it on the right channels. We can advise you on the right mixture of video marketing methods to ensure your content delivers great results.

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