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Shawn Harding

SEO & PPC Manager

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Been in the search engine marketing game for over 10 years (does that mean I’m old now?!) and spent time on the YouTube scene where now I can use that knowledge to help clients with optimising their content for search engines.

If you have any question about Google and their practices, shoot me a message because I love playing the part of cynical SEO! I have a LinkedIn page available if you want to know more about my full work history, but I'm more active on Twitter if you're into that sort of thing. Between my horrendous posts on social media, I spend my time at Breckenridge as the SEO & PPC Manager after over 10 years in the industry!

As an ageing emo-millennial I’m well versed in the art of self-deprecating humour, dank memes and pop-punk classics from the mid 2000s. Outside of work you can find me pretending to be much younger than I am. I’m planning on ageing gracefully with the help of liberal use of guyliner, explosives and My Chemical Romance. Love a bit of danger with some of my spare time being spent too close to fireworks, playing with fire or being slammed onto a canvas ring.

I don’t really have any industry awards (as I’m too busy doing client work instead of competing for an industry-specific ego-boost), but I do have a fairly large list of irrelevant accomplishments.

Here are just a few: Ranked 6th in the world on Chip n’ Dale on the NES, did the pyrotechnics for a very large sporting event in London (2012), sang onstage at a sold-out Southampton Guildhall, interviewed the woman with the world’s longest nails, blagged a press pass for a sold-out gig, unofficially hold the Guiness World Record for most party poppers popped in 30 seconds, one of the founders of a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, hospitalised myself thanks to drinking too much milkshake and even once completely blanked Paul McCartney.

I also write too much.

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