Mark Underwood

Digital Marketing Specialist

As someone who enjoys logic, order and unchanging routine, it seemed only natural to go in to SEO, where the rules change by the minute and no two days are the same brand of chaos.

Whilst Google moving the goalposts on a whim every few minutes can be challenging, it’s satisfying to be able to keep on top of these changes and use that knowledge to ensure our clients get the most out of their website.

I’m an animal lover and a geek, and outside of work enjoy gaming, nature photography and drinking enough coffee on a daily basis to keep my heart permanently on the verge of implosion.

Most people attempt to bring a cheerful attitude to work to make the day go quicker, so I feel it is my duty to restore balance and offset this with an unrelenting tide of fatigued bitterness and sarcasm.

Mark Underwood, Digital Marketing Specialist