Raphael Paz

Digital Marketing Executive

Having worked in various industries, I have gained loads of experienced and pick up all kinds of skills that have led me straight to the exciting world of marketing. I'm set to explore my full potential at Breckenridge and use my skill set to help businesses reach new heights. So, let's team up and turn those business dreams into reality!

I've always been passionate about marketing and that passion grew even more when I started working on my own projects focused on fashion and footwear. Creating content and sharing it with a larger audience for fun and education purposes brought me so much joy. Eventually, I landed a job as a copywriter and moved on to become a content writer and social media marketing executive. I've had the opportunity to work with big clients like Nike and New Balance, which has been an incredible learning experience. Thankfully, I found a welcoming home at Breckenridge, where I've been able to unlock my full potential in the marketing industry.

I'm a total extrovert and love meeting new people wherever and whenever. Outside of work, I often immerse myself in K-pop-related activities and attend dance workshops on weekends. But, I also enjoy some alone time now and then, whether it's shopping, hanging out at cafes, or binge-watching K-drama or anime at home. It's all about finding that balance between socialising and enjoying some personal downtime. However, if you ask me to go out for bubble tea, I won't let you down.

Raphael Paz, Digital Marketing Executive