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Hajira Amla

Account Director

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I began my career 18 years ago as a journalist, and although I later moved over to PR and marketing, my love for writing has always remained a constant. I’ve therefore become an expert in strategic content creation, working for many years in high-tech fields such as electronics and engineering.

Clients who have worked with me know I am a champion of strategic planning. I’m always focused on aligning any tactical work with overall business objectives in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. I believe that no matter what challenges we are faced with in our work, we can always find ways to overcome them through good teamwork and relationships that are based on trust.

When I’m not at my desk, I can usually be found in the kitchen making something delicious for my family. I am a complete linguistics nerd so I love to travel to places where I can learn more about languages and cultures – that is, when there isn’t a global pandemic going on! 

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