Clarissa Hanekom

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer at Breckenridge, my goal is to define, and elevate your visual identity, then follow through to execute it across multiple channels.

I also have a breadth of experience in animation and specialise in motion graphics and explainer videos. Getting out clear messaging and bringing concepts to life is something I’m very passionate about. I enjoy just about anything creative. Drawing, chess, baking, cooking, puzzles and boardgames are all great ways to spend my time when I’m not pouring over enviable graphic design portfolios. I’m always looking for a reason to laugh, or new things to learn. I’m also very keen on animals; I have lots of axolotls and two husky-cross dogs I’m very in love with.

When I’m not working at Breckenridge, I’m often mentoring junior freelance designers, volunteering with kids, or exploring some odd new portion of the country. I also run on caffeine, and probably have more than one cup of tea or coffee on the go. 

Clarissa Hanekom, Graphic Designer