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 When it comes to electronic commerce, converting browsing customers into paying customers owes much to words and the power of persuasion. So it pays to invest in influential copywriting – a potent, economical tool that will drive your readers to engage with your content and click your calls-to-action, increasing leads and whamming-up your conversion rates.

Cut the blurb


Seriously. Writing for the digital market is a distinct skill that must deliver at-a-glance communication tailored to the short attention span of busy people using mobile devices in noisy places. So keep it snappy – chop your copy in to bite-size chunks, using proven layout tricks such as:

  • Short sentences – for punchy point-making
  • Bullet points / numbered lists – lead readers logically and swiftly through key points
  • Headings / subheadings / hashtags – break up long paragraphs
  • Subheadings as questions? – a powerful technique if you make the questions specific and ones your readers want answers to
  • Bold / italic text – separates items / attracts attention
  • White space – a vital design element that opens up your content, gives it room to breathe, looks stylish

Be personal

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Address your target market directly using ‘you’ and ‘your’ – it establishes connection and trust. Be friendly and approachable. Digital communication works best when it is humanised – tone counts a lot on the conversion route.



“On the average, five times as many people read headlines as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

—David Ogilvy

Powerful headlines hook attention and compel people to read further – engage with your content. Not only must your headline be irresistible, but it must also be on point for SEO. Here are a few guidelines for crafting effective hooks:

1. Use numbers – universally effective across all industries

2. Use memorable adjectives – FREE always works well…

3. 65 characters or less – so they are not chopped off in search engine results

4. Address your reader directly – by using you and your

5. For a list post – be original and use facts/ways/reasons/tricks/secrets; anything to single out your post

6. Use trigger words – such as what, why, how or when: proven persuadability

7. Promise – something of value to your readers, such as learning a new skill or trying something new. And always deliver

Excite your readers  promise them something valuable. Show it's achievable. Be honest. Be trustworthy.

Calls-to-Action – make ‘em strong!

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Kick passive to the curb and make your calls-to-action super-compelling. They are essential components of every website’s conversion rates and take many forms: newsletter sign-ups, form fills, get someone to call etc.

Calls-to-action provide focus to your site, are a way to measure its success and give direction to your readers.


Only X days left…

Don’t miss out…

Limited supply…

Offer ends on ‘date’…

Edit, Edit, Edit

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Hone your content. Tear out your hair if it helps. Whatever you do, make your copy as clear, concise and compelling as possible. Weed out superfluous words. Cut out jargon. Shorten sentences. Check there are no grammatical or spelling bloopers. Again, this builds trust with your readers that you are a professional organisation offering trustworthy products and/or services.

Of course,  to optimise your website's copywriting, eyecatching and/or informative images/graphics are required. But that's another story.

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