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We live, work and play in an increasingly visual world and exploiting images of every type and video in your content marketing is critical to the success of your strategy.

Words are still important, but images convey so much, so swiftly, without your audience having to engage with the written word—although, if you get the pull right, they will engage more readily with this, too.

Types of visual content

Here are a few proven optical hooks that will maximise your reach and engagement and drive more traffic to your website.

• Videos
• Images —from cartoons and illustrations through to photography
• Infographics
• Charts
• Calls-to-action (CTAs)
• Quote cards
• Charts—of every type, from data visualisations to graphical data
• Screenshots
• Tutorials and QA visuals

Proof that visual content marketing is on the rise

Here’s a great infographic by Venngage from Social Media Today about visual content marketing statistics. It illustrates the results of over 500 marketers and how they used visual content in 2018:


Read here for Venngage's 2020 visual content marketing survey

• 88% of marketers used visual content in over 50% of their marketing efforts
• 56% use visuals 100% of the time
• Stock photography is used most often
• Original graphics a close second

Drill down further and you will see what powered the highest engagement:

• Stock photography drops to 12%
• Original graphics rise to 40%
• Videos rise to 23%

You MUST invest in visual content marketing

In 2018, a mere 17% of marketers spent over 30% of their budget on visual content. This nearly doubled in 2019, to 32% of marketers. You do the math—can you afford not to invest in visual content?

Need help?

As you would expect from a HubSpot Gold, Google Premier Partner inbound marketing agency, we can deliver every type of visual content, from photography to  images to infographics and videos.

A Breckenridge infographic: Inbound Marketing v Outbound Marketing


A Breckenridge video: for a client—a semiconductor chip design IP company, specialising in signal processing acceleration that underpins next-generation wireless communication


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