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Topics: Inbound Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, your website is a powerful sales tool—so much more
than an on-line brochure or storefront.
It is a treasure trove of information and it’s up to you to be an expert miner and plunder its
lucrative resources.

 Websites have come a long way from the basic lead monitoring they once provided—often
run in conjunction with off-line monitoring and all rather random, time-hungry and
Today’s web capability has turned this around so that you can discover all you need to know
about your clients/customers, their actions and the precise path they follow towards a
sale—or not, as the case may be, but this is valuable information in itself which can help you
make weak points stronger.
It is now possible for marketing teams to spot what works and what doesn’t, which frees up
time, energy and expertise to focus on lead generation of maximum potential.

Turbocharge your analytics with intelligent data 

There’s so much more to web analytics than visitor numbers and page views. Intelligent
data has landed and taken analytics to the next level and beyond.

IP tracking software

This is the gateway to the whole buyer journey where you can track every website visitor by
their IP address, a reference number unique to every computer. Track this number and you
can monitor the precise path a visitor has taken through your website and much, much
more, including the company of origin, even if they have never contacted you. This info is
invaluable as it constitutes a potential lead.
The IP tracking software itself is easily installed and allows you to create powerful, definitive
reports of every type, as often as needed—to measure campaign success, for example—and
so much more that will give greater insight into buyer journeys and empower your
sales funnel

Spot which marketing yields the best ROI

Maximum return on investment hinges on marketing activities that have the greatest effect
and influence on prospects, e.g. which campaigns are attracting the most website visitors. IP
tracking allows you to assign a visitor to a marketing channel—highly accurate information
that allows you to evaluate the return against the resources and money invested.

Track the buyer journey from start to finish

It is so easy to pull off reports that show your client/customer journey, from when and
on which page they land on your website to when and from which page they exit—and
every other move they make—what they looking at, whether they purchase and,
importantly, whether they are converting on the Contact Us page.
These same insights happen whenever they visit your site. Not only does this reveal
behaviour patterns it also allows you to create highly targeted content that could help you
secure more leads.

Identify and strengthen the leading exit pages and places

If there’s a pattern where visitors jump ship this will show you the areas that need
improving. Does it need more information? Does it have too much detail? More text or less
text? More images? Does it need to flow more smoothly?
Analyse every page from your visitors' viewpoint and give them everything they need to
guide them smoothly and effectively.

Pinpoint every opportunity

Smart data will flag up every troublesome area, from hurrying people through to the
Contact Us page, to too many pages in the first place. Pay attention—be your website
visitor—and address each area of concern accordingly.
IP tracking software will reveal how potential buyers are using your website—what
mobilises them and what works best when guiding them through your sales funnel.
It will highlight which marketing activity is generating the most conversions and how
different activities affect contrasting parts of their journey.
This awareness will not only help you focus on the areas that will yield the best results but
also help you work smarter on ensuing campaigns.. 

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