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Boost Your Brand and ROI with Email Marketing

Email still reigns when it comes to digital marketing—so it’s imperative that you exploit this powerful tool to reap the most from your inbound campaigns.

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From Quills to Computers ~ copywriting still counts!

Ink pens (of every ilk), paper and typewriters may have been bumped out by computers, but copywriting is here to stay.

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How to Create Inbound Email Campaigns that Work

Email is still one of the best channels for driving marketing ROI so it comes as no surprise that marketers around the world keep sending billions of emails every day. Email marketing has traditionally been associated with outbound marketing and is indeed one of the prime examples of good old traditional marketing. Those who have managed to turn email marketing into a successful inbound channel, however, see better results. 

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6 Email Marketing Tactics for More Inbound Conversions [Free SlideShare]

Email has been around for 45 years now, overtaking text messaging to become the number one method of communication in 2013. For a few years now, it’s been one of the most popular smartphone activities. In 2016, email marketing is showing no signs of slowing down.

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8 invaluable tips for writing better marketing emails

Email marketing nurtures leads and creates customers, and is on the rise even in the age of social media and content marketing.

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Click through rates - the heartbeat of email marketing

Of all the metrics that can measure the success of your email campaign, the click-through rate is by far the most telling. But how does one achieve a decent click through-rate? The answer is: segmentation.

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