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PESO is the acronym for Paid—Earned—Shared—Owned.

It represents the segmentation of all marketing channels that can be utilised to build your brand.

Each segment has its own identity but combine them and they become a more powerful whole that delivers better results and a more connected message.

Integration: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Just as any business comprises various departments, each with its own role, it’s their integration into a cohesive whole that delivers the required results.

The same applies to your marketing strategy which must be all-inclusive and coordinated. If every element is planned and linked it will deliver a unified message to your target audience.

PESO comprises four types of media, all geared to drive business and build your brand. It’s a strong tactic that can drive new opportunities and boost the authority of your brand.

Paid Media

Facebook Sponsored Posts | Sponsored Tweets | Twitter Cards
Lead Generation | TV | Other Advertising | Direct Marketing | Sales Promotion

Any purchased ads, including print, digital and broadcast. Often seen as a big money muncher but, although useful, these are not always needed.

Paid media = paying to reach targeted audiences—vital for developing awareness and the start of customer engagement.

The ideal method for you to manage your message and see that it reaches the demographic.

Harnesses messaging that has already been fixed using owned, earned and shared media and pushes it on a larger scale.

Ideal for tailoring your digital marketing campaigns to their target audience. Can flex into their daily routine and reach them at the optimum time and place to get more attention, consideration and sales.

Earned media is similar, but is achieved via external sources...

Earned Media

Publicity | Media Relations | Blogger Relations | Investor Relations | Influencer Relations

The opposite of paid media. Coverage comes from an outside source.

Arguably one of the biggest marketing communication tools to establish authority and develop credibility.

Includes being interviewed by journalists, writing pieces about your organisation and featuring on news stations to talk about your products, services and messages.

Instead of you broadcasting how wonderful your company is, you get others to do it for you. This establishes third-party credibility.

Dovetails with shared media as your delighted customers broadcast your capabilities via social media.

Podcasts, interviews and news can be reposted onto your social accounts to encourage more impressions...

Shared Media

Facebook (inc. live streaming) | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | Pinterest | Instagram | Vine

Social media comes into its own. You post all your news, links to content and downloads, etc. and it reaches your audience immediately. Literally, hot off the press!

Does not build as much authority as earned media, but helps you position your brand precisely how you want it to be seen.

Influencer marketing holds hands with shared and earned media in that you have a well-known and respected person talking about your brand and sharing it with their audience.

Social advertising blurs the boundaries of paid and shared media— money bolsters content to maximise reach as well as increase followers and brand awareness.

Paid, earned and shared media rely on ideas and content from owned media...

Owned Media

Websites | Case Studies | User-generated Content | Reviews | Brand Journalism | Webinars | Videos | Podcasts

Owned media comprises your internal marketing activities—from case studies to blogs and customer testimonials.

You have ownership of this and can promote it as you wish—and sharing is a strong place to start.

A blog works well for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), testimonials can be shared on social media and webinars can be pushed on paid social posts.

All media types unite and channel the next step.

Each segment of the PESO model is unique, yet united they bring in better results and create a cohesive message.

Likewise, when working with an integrated marketing agency, brands can be sure that all departments pull together and reinforce the same brand story.

Together, the PESO model and a coordinated agency can ensure a brand is seen by the right audience at the right time.

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