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Once again the Breckenridge team has flexed its marketing muscle and researched, written, designed and produced the latest issue of StannahTalk, the magazine of world-leading stairlift manufacturer, Stannah Stairlifts.

Designed to inspire advocacy in its readers, StannahTalk is distributed freely to Stannah stairlift owners throughout the UK.

Going by the feedback this bi-annual spirit-lifter is much appreciated, with the Winter 2016 issue destined for a similar reception, with divers contents such as:

What's going on at Stannah: Various articles to inform and entertain readers
Ta-ta to Char: Is the great British cuppa going down the drain?
The Future of Flight: From Space Stations to Flying Bums
Hic Hic Hooray for English Wines!: They're up there with the best!
Childcare Through the Ages: Swings & Roundabouts?: The changing face of bringing up baby
Out and About: Fenham Farm Coastal Bed & Breakfast, in Berwick-upon-Tweed 

See for yourself what all the StannahTalk's about...  


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