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Our own SEO & PPC Specialist Shawn Harding has made the pages of the latest edition of PC Pro. Shawn's cheeky chappy grin can be seen on the Prospects Careers page in the magazine, where he talks about his experience of being a search-engine optimisation (SEO) specialist. 

"A few years ago, I used to run my own YouTube channel, and while looking for ways to optimise it, I learnt a bit about SEO"

Everyone starts somewhere and from those early days of promoting his own business online, Shawn saw an opportunity to help others do the same and to do a better job of it than other SEO consultants out there.

As Shawn describes, "very simply, I help brands to be discovered online." 

Shawn is officially recognised by Google for his knowledge in AdWords, Google Analytics, e-commerce and video advertising, and has helped us become a partnered agency. Shawn also creates content for YouTube, which has not only given him first hand experience in optimising and editing videos for the platform, but has enabled him to form business relationships with many of the top influencers on the platform.

When not helping bandv clients with their online visibility, Shawn can be found at music gigs, trying to get his name next to another Guinness World Record or setting off pyrotechnic displays and special effects for one-off events across the UK.

Read the full article about Shawn here.