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Working from somewhere that isn’t your normal place of work—there’s a lot of it about right now...

... So, whether you already have a remote working policy in place or not, onboarding HubSpot tools and integrations will make it work.

With the support of HubSpot tools and integrations, remote working becomes do-able, rewarding, efficient and effective for the whole team.

Remote working is an introvert’s dream. But, for extroverts, lack of people-buzz can be challenging. 

Successful remote working requires a level of adulting, i.e. discipline. Distractions are everywhere, whether you are JK-Rowling it in a cafe or in hunkered down in your home bunker.

Loneliness can be a real issue for some, too, and for others it may even seem impossible—when it comes to meeting prospects and customers, for example.

So, when the Government is urging us to stay at home, how can we keep morales bubbling, communications seamless, teams buzzing and productive, especially if targets are not quite being met?

This is where HubSpot tools and integrations can help...

HubSpot dashboards

Team managers can feel that if they are not with their team in person, they can’t keep an eye on KPIs and productivity.          

However, with HubSpot you can set up bespoke dashboards that overcome this.

For example, a business development rep is cracking on with calls and nurturing prospects. Your business has to bring in remote working and you are concerned about monitoring performance.

Create a customised dashboard and you will have an at-a-glance take on all that they do:

    • Reporting on metrics from HubSpot Hubs, CRM or data from integrated apps
    • Using templates or kick-off with customised reports that showcase your data exactly how you             want it
    • Organise daily/weekly/monthly emails that will distribute the dashboard so every remote-                   working team member sees the results—and whether they will achieve their goals 
    • Create and manage your dashboards with HubSpot

Slack—a collaboration hub and HubSpot tech integration platform

The Breckenridge team uses Slack whether working in the office or at home (bar/cafe, park bench—whatever the poison!).

It’s perfect for day-to-day communication—a virtual office but without the noise.

You can keep up to date with what’s going on, ask questions and get answers quickly, share documents and generally keep the banter going.

You can chat as a group or one-to-one. Its real-time connection and much simpler than using email. 

Handy status icons can be set to let colleagues know of your availability, from Working Remotely to Gone to Earth and Do Not Disturb.

You can even engage via a quick video call if seeing faces helps.

Slack integrates with HubSpot 
    • Turn chats into HubSpot deals
    • Links them with contacts and companies
    • HubSpot contacts can be shared with work colleagues
    • Get notifications on your HubSpot CRM activity, including reminders, mentions, follows and                form submissions 
Slack lives up to its promise of ‘bringing the team together, wherever you are’.


Another essential bit of kit that simplifies remote working. It's an online video tool that keeps everyone connected with HD video, audio, collaboration and chat capability.

Ideal for:

    • Chat
    • Conferences
    • Meetings
    • Webinars
    • Phone system
    • Business IM

Zoom synchronises automatically with your calendar and can record meetings to the cloud. It can be viewed anytime afterwards by anyone with a device to stream it.

Whilst video calls are happening you can also communicate with written chats in a side panel, to everyone or to individual members.

    • Collaboration is enhanced by the screen-sharing function
    • Meetings can scheduled from contact records  
    • Automatically sends dial-in conference call details to yourHubSpot prospects
Zoom is ideal if you want/need to see your team, customers, prospects, etc. Human interaction personalises the experience and makes it more memorable. This is vital for long-distance communication, where meeting up is impractical.

When you consider that 93% of communication is non-verbal, Zoom comes into its own. 

So, virtual meetings are the way forward with remote working, whether you are speaking with a prospect, a new customer or liaising with your work colleagues.

Zoom takes the remoteness out of remote working!

Oh, and the app can be added to Slack and you can join in a meeting from there.


This online video platform for business helps you to generate leads, accelerate your pipeline and delight your customers—all key aspects of HubSpot inbound marketing methodology.

Working in sales might make you feel that there’s no way you or your team can work remotely. You need to meet up with prospects—do business 1:1.

In the past, remote sales was made up of outbound marketing tactics such as cold-calling and knocking on doors.

Nowadays, video has made it easier to conduct business in a virtual, personal way—with face-to-face sales outreach and meetings.

Vidyard is a top integration tool for holding virtual meetings and video calls. It helps you to open up the rest of your sales process to personalised, face-to-face videos that you can shoot at home—or anywhere that is suitable.

You can use it to make custom videos for sales outreach. It helps build relationships with your prospects, from the moment they hit the play button.

When you check-in with them later, barriers have been lowered, they feel like they know you better and the way is open to mutually beneficial conversation.

Not only is video a useful tool to encourage your prospects to buy, it also influences how your business is perceived.

Real-time human interaction makes your brand more human. This is a must in this technological age when communication loses its tone, unless you work at it.

Vidyard also boosts engagement and helps your sales team work faster and smarter.


This all-in-one phone system helps your people to make and answer calls. From wherever they are working. 

You can take this phone system with you, wherever you up and go. The whole team can take calls and deliver first class customer service—location doesn’t enter the plot.

Your HubSpot contact data synchronises automatically. Someone calls in your HubSpot CRM, you see their ID—their full contact details.

Calls and voicemails are recorded and logged against the contact in the CRM, for you to refer to at any time.

Your sales team can:

   • Add notes
    • Tag people in call records
    • Have visibility over call metrics
    • For inbound and outbound calls

Google Docs file sharing

Not officially a HubSpot integration but this file-sharing platform acts as a cloud storage system for all your documents.

You can give anyone involved access to them. They are easily edited and offer a range of ready-to-use templates to make working life even easier.

The system makes light work of remote collaboration, allowing as many people as you want to view and give real-time feedback.

Install the app on your phone and you can make changes on the move that can be accessed on all devices—with appropriate permissions. 

Empower your team to work remotely

Onboard the right tech and tools and you will see productivity maintained, if not boosted.

With total connectivity comes total communication.  

You will empower your team, help them to drive results and deliver a level of customer service that will inspire prospects to buy and delight customers. 

Who knows, your team might even perform the best they ever have—which is just what happens, according to business-funding matchmaker, Fundera...

Two-thirds of managers report that employees who work from home increase their overall productivity. 

Remote working should now be a key ingredient in your strategic thinking.

It may seem challenging but HubSpot’s tools and integrations make home working accessible and achievable—it's the way forward and not just for times of crisis.

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