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Topics: GDPR



Is your business ready for GDPR? With a 25 May 2018 deadline looming, it’s imperative that you are fully compliant. To ready you for this, bandv is holding FREE seminars, in conjunction with our client, W8Data – direct marketing data cleansing experts.

The seminars cover all aspects of GDPR (the EU General Data Protection Regulation) and what you need to have in place before the big day. Failure to do so will result in fines of up to £500K and, in serious cases, prosecution.

Hosted by Will Anthes, W8Data MD, the seminars are in big demand – with three already under our belt (including one dedicated to the Lady Marketeers) and a fourth on Wednesday, the 8th of November (fully booked).

All topics are covered and questions are welcomed. The Regulation is over 200 pages long and includes concepts such as the ‘right to be forgotten’, data portability, data breach notification and accountability.

If your organisation handles data in any way, it must be fully compliant by May next year.

Further seminars are planned, so if your organisation is not yet compliant, contact us for dates, times and availability. And they’re FREE!

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