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More than anything, we want to find out what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals. We’d like to fully understand your current marketing strategy, the challenges your company is facing, and most importantly, determine what we can do to help.

Topics: Video Ads, Google Attribution, Personalisation Technology



As 2017 ebbs to a close, 2018’s marketing tides hint at what’s to come, urging us to prepare to sail through next year on a business high. Now's the time to invest in the right direction.

#1: Video Ads

Did you know that video streaming on social media (esp. Facebook) was a major growth driver in 2017, with online video ad spend growing by 46% to become “the fastest-growing ad format in the industry, according to the latest Digital Adspend ort by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK and PwC”.

Ad spend on social media sites grew 42% to £1.05 billion, accounting for over half (53%) of the display ad market.

Mobile streaming is overtaking desktop and laptops, with a firm focus on Facebook over YouTube or Instagram.

This trend is here to stay, so factoring video ads in to your budget will be a sound investment.

#2: Google Attribution Tool
A must for information on customer conversion, Google’s data-driven Attribution tool is a major player when it comes to your inbound marketing strategy, helping you to:
• measure and optimise marketing spend across multiple channels and devices
• uncover insights
• understand the impact of your marketing on the customer journey
• improve ROI

“We are seeing great results… my new budget just came down and fortunately, I was able to use the data to make different decisions than I would have last year.”
Lewis Broadnax – Executive Director Web Sales & Marketing, Lenovo

In its infancy and already proving its worth, Google Attribution benefits companies of all sizes and shows them their marketing is working.

#3: Personalisation Technology
Another growth trend that's transforming the way consumers interact with technology, ad personalisation uses analytics to track demographic profiles and create buyer personas in a process that will generate specific personalised content.

As with Google Attribution, this is an emerging technology that’s worth the investment. Get on board now and lay firm foundations for the future.

It pays to invest in marketing trends. For incisive insight and guidance – contact us now for a FREE consultation…

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