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Topics: Company News

WHO: Martine Bolton—Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Author

WHAT:  How to optimise your thinking to increase your well-being, performance and results

WHEN: Wednesday, 25 March

WHERE: Holiday Inn, Winchester

WHY: It's time to look at how we think and the power this has to change our lives!

And who better to to present on this than Martine Bolton?

Martine is an inspiring speaker who set up her business 'Sunshine Corporate & Personal Development' in January 2018 to help people and organisations optimise their thinking, well-being, performance and results.

Martine believes—and is living proof— that the quality of our thinking underpins the results we get in life and at work.

When we understand the connection between our thoughts, feelings, actions, and how things are turning out for us, we can begin to make changes that transform everything.

She published her first book: 'Your Thinking is Your Superpower' in November 2019. The book describes how our thinking can either be our superpower—enabling and empowering us to enjoy life and achieve all our goals and dreams, or our Kryptonite—draining our power and causing unhappiness, problems and dysfunction.

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It also outlines how we can manage our Kryptonite and supercharge our thinking, in order to think well, feel well, do well and get great results.

I help people and organisations to build resilience, thrive through change and improve results, by transforming thinking, optimising wellbeing and maximising performance.

Thinking is the creative force in life and in business - the starting point of all results, and it underpins everything. This is a fundamental, scientific law or principle, like gravity or cause and effect. The thought is the cause; the situation or result is the effect.

I help people and organisations to become conscious of the thinking that’s causing them problems, and teach them effective thinking strategies and skills that enable them to be happier, healthier, more successful and more productive.

Up for some self-examination and discovery that will benefit you, everything you do and everyone around you? Then make sure you come along to this life changer... ⚔️

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