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 Websites are dynamic entities – a slick synthesis of programming and design to create the ultimate visitor user experience (UX). So, it pays to keep an eye on website trends...

... Not to blindly bundle along with the bods but to keep up with the changes and to be selective and choose what works for you

It’s an increasingly hectic and visual world, so you must pull in your audience quickly. Here’s a taster of what new tools are out there to boost eyeballs and generate response…

Inspired Animation is right up there in making ideas and information quickly and easily absorbed. They tell a story, and, as we all know, storytelling is the best form of selling, showcasing your brand as a powerful entity in a digitally competitive landscape.

How about animating your logo? It says so much about you in such a small space so it’s imperative to get it right. Animated GIFs work well as they can be read by anything...


WYSIWYG animation software has made this skill accessible to non-animators such as designers and developers. With browser improvements such as 60fps +, even on vector formats such as SVG and mobile, animation creation is at the fingertips of the masses.

But exercise discretion – only animate if it’s right for your project. Overkill does just that – kills.

Bold Colours & Innovative Typography pay powerful dividends on digital platforms. Don’t play it too subtle. This is your chance to make a big impression. A daring interplay of vibrant, saturated colour and fonts of all sizes, serif and sans serif, create a stimulating user experience.


Particle Backgrounds are a great workaround when it comes to improving website performance when streaming a video background. As finedrawn javascript animations, they simulate natural background movement that doesn’t take long to load.

Impish Illustration helps your website stand out. It injects whimsy. Tailored to your brand, illustration is visually engaging, doesn’t hamper functionality or simplicity, and enlivens otherwise dry content.


Drop Shadows & Depth are no strangers to web design, but, thanks to the advances in this industry, they are more exciting. Using grids and parallax layouts, web designers can manipulate drop shadows to create a sense of depth, hinting at a world beyond the screen. By combining subtle shadows (used as hover states to signify a link) with vibrant colour gradients, the 3-D effect of the original drop shadow is intensified. The resulting shadow-play also boosts website aesthetics which maximises user experience. In a nutshell, flat design is out…

A 2017 study by Nielsen Norman Group showed that users took 22% longer to navigate through an ultra-flat design.

And how about kinetic emails, data storytelling, booming ecommerce and the rise of AI? All a bit mind-boggling – but not for those in the know.

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