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More than anything, we want to find out what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals. We’d like to fully understand your current marketing strategy, the challenges your company is facing, and most importantly, determine what we can do to help.

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Strategic planner. People and project manager. Bringer of order to chaos. Chief ass-kicker.

Meet Rae Hardy-Aitken—Breckenridge’s Head of Operations.

Sit comfortably? Fat chance with Rae Hardy-Aitken at the helm. All in a good cause, though—the super-servicing of our clients and our own in-house growth objectives.

And it’s working—we sit up straight and pay attention!


Rae has oodles of talent to play with—ours and hers—and handles it with the utmost charm…

It's my job to make sure we deliver against our clients’ business goals. This means gaining insight into these goals, working with them to set solid objectives, planning and then managing our team to meet them.

I am a big picture generalist in a team of specialists, and I am in awe of the talent we have at Breckenridge. It's a massive privilege for me to be part of the team.

I believe in planning, and in teamwork. My nickname was once Queen of Planning. When I was Head of Marketing, one of my sales and marketing plans led to 84% sales growth in our bestselling product. Another led to a 10% saving in marketing overheads.

A marketing mindline

Armed with a Master of Business Administration and a B.Sc., Psychology, Rae proved a natural for the marketing industry and rapidly rose up the ranks: from Marketing Assistant, to Head of College Marketing, to Associate Marketing Director at Palgrave Macmillan Higher Education—now Red Globe Press—a publisher of academic texts for students and academics worldwide.

I ran a department of 19 staff for 8+ years. I have 15+ years’ experience of working across the marketing mix, including websites, social media, direct mail, email, events, sales enablement, and partner initiatives.

I enjoy getting to know about customer pain points so we can work together to fix them. I’m bright, and I approach my work with humour and pragmatism. I’m an all-round marketer, right from the nerdy data elements up to the most beautiful of creatives, and I love it.

From here Rae veered into freelance marketing consultancy, working with small, established B2B businesses to improve marketing ROI.

Why Breckenridge?

I left my role to have a family when an office move meant a five-hour commute. I freelanced, supporting small B2B businesses with marketing and business development.

As my daughter grew, I yearned to re-enter the professional marketing world. Thanks to a PR friend who alerted me to Breckenridge’s requirement for a Head of Operations, I contacted their Managing Director, Ross Breckenridge; we met for a coffee, chatted for 2½ hours, and I got the job—a joy that was not dimmed (not for me anyway) when we both got parking tickets!

A woman of many hats

Apart from her planning crown, Rae’s millinery mania reveals a drive that doesn’t stop at Breckenridge…

Outside of work I wear many hats, including happy wife, silly mummy and not-too-serious business owner. Swimming, woodland walks and literary fiction are also faves, as is mixing it with friends and family.

I also adore feeding people! [She does, it’s true, and we are thankful for it.] Having multiple food intolerances myself, I work with people on restricted diets and help them find their new normal. Happiest in the kitchen, you'll often find me developing new recipes and teaching free-from cookery.

Our clients benefit from Rae’s digital marketing and planning acumen. Why not join them?

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NB. As our full-time operations manager, Rae’s marketing expertise covers inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing, marketing strategies with specific measurable results, customer service, landing pages, case studies, market research, setting goals, business plans, goals and objectives, smart goals and calls to action.