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Inbound PR


Thanks to digital marketing, the subtle art of Inbound Public Relations is rubbing shoulders with its showier, noisier, more results-obvious marketing best sellers such as advertising, digital and social media.

PR now holds its own, exploiting the trend for peer-to-peer communication and the change in how people make choices – which is great news indeed when it comes to building trustworthy relationships with your public.

Sitting comfortably? Five teaser chapters for you to mull over…

Chapter I: King Content + Savvy Independence = Ripe PR Territory

The internet has instigated many changes, particularly our ability to sleuth down information all by ourselves; to talk with those in the know; to track social media for bang up-to-the-minute info, to contact companies direct; to speak to the right people; to demand, and get, answers.

So, it pays not to market at people – that old-fangled teacher/pupil scenario – but to help them to engage with your brand, to make this experience as positive as possible and to encourage an independent thought/conclusion process.

This path is heavily steered by King Content. Get it right and you help your market to make up their own minds and to trust you and your product(s) / service(s) / message(s), simply because they have deduced this for themselves (or so they think!).

Chapter II: Public Relations Search Value (PRSV)

Thanks to this don’t-argue-with-me standard of measuring and evaluating PR (launched by Crescendo Consulting), PR now packs as big a punch as its big-brother marketing activities.

“The Public Relations Search Value” (PRSV) is based on the position of PR-related activity in search results for any given search term. Combining this with freely available search volumes and auction bid prices enables both the audience reach and open market value of PR-related activity to be determined.”
PR Moment

Chapter III: Why Inbound PR Works

Because engagement is in PR's blood. PRos create the most captivating stories. They come up with the most eye-catching headlines, the most persuasive content, the irresistible invitations.

Other marketing activities work their magic by numbers, data and measurement but when it comes to melding measurement and content, PR is the psychological master – ultimately showing the real return on your investment.

Chapter IV: PR and ROI – Taming the Technological Beast

Technology may once have been PR’s Achilles heel but not anymore – not with its new-found inbound muscle. PRos know they must marry compelling content with measurable results, which is why inbound technology makes PR stay relevant – by supporting its seductive arsenal with statistical accountability.

Chapter V: Putting Your Public First

Despite the dynamics of digital innovation, there remains a PR constant: your public. It’s your consumers' needs that influence everything you need to do. They determine your content and your timelines; all the light and shade and steering necessary to attract and engage, to sell, to retain custom – with the added must of ROI proof.

Inbound PR permits you to target your public directly, to draw them towards you, cutting out the pushy media middlemen (the teachers)  to build and cement trust. And ROI proves that allure beats in your face hands down.


Our inhouse inbound PRos are skilled story-crafters – drawing on an authoritative library of tools and tactics that will help you draft your marketing masterplan, complete with measurable ROI.

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Inbound PR: People Buy From People They Trust!