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Topics: Inbound Marketing

One of the topics we talked about at our What’s the future in Digital Marketing event last September was the trendiest inbound marketing moves in 2016. One of the questions asked of our panel was what do we, as inbound marketers, need to stay on top of and incorporate into our strategies for this year?

Each of our panel members, made up of marketing experts from Google and HubSpot and our very own Managing Director Ross and SEO and PPC specialist Shawn, named their top trends for 2016. It should come of no surprise that four out of the five trends relate to Google and/or AdWords: Dynamic Display, real-time bidding (RTB), deep learning algorithms and voice search.

The only one not related to Google is full spectrum inbound marketing, which is all about the bigger picture; to get ahead, we need to look at inbound methodology as a whole, and connect everything we do together under one cohesive strategy.

Not only did we publish an eBook on those unmissable digital and inbound marketing trends, we have also put together the following infographic of info and stats around 5 trends you need to master.

Click the infographic to see it in full size.