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When it comes to turning leads into customers, combining email and landing pages is a powerful tactic in the success of your inbound marketing strategy.

They are a match made in digital heaven—more effective together than apart. A potent team.


And here’s why…


Landing pages

These are the showmen—the attention grabbers. Once they’ve hooked those eyeballs, they summarise your offering quickly, clearly and succinctly. They then make it o-so-easy for your visitors to submit their details and/or buy into your message and/or purchase your product/service.

Landing pages are more powerful than your website as websites have many choices—potential distractions that may send your visitors haring along the wrong route. Landing pages are audience- and action-specific. They target and drive.

Email marketing

However irresistible a landing page, it is more effective with a dollop of soft skills—an automated email chain that personally and reassuringly escorts your captured leads down the yellow brick road to one of three eventualities geared to achieve your sales goals:

Conversion from lead to customer/client
Upselling/cross-selling to another product/service
Onboarding painlessly for when customers are ready to commit

Inbound marketing software such as HubSpot links landing page and email marketing, with emails being scheduled for sending at specified intervals.

From landing page to email marketing—an important journey

It’s vital that this is a positive experience for your customers. This hinges on your offering, its appearance (design) and style.

Your email chain must continue what the landing page started, repeating and reinforcing the offering, together with tempting offers such as a price reduction, to encourage quick response.

As mentioned, there is much to get right when it comes to your email chain:

Visual versus text only: Both have merits. Either way, keep it simple and clear
Continuity: All the details to ensure flow, from writing style and font to call-to-action buttons

From lead to paying customer—an important next step

Once people’s details have been secured you must focus on the business of contacting them, especially if you are in the service industry as opposed to selling and processing a payment for a product.

Timing is critical, from initial acknowledgement of interest onwards. A clear timeline conveys how importantly you take their enquiry, that you are a professional who will deliver. By understanding the value of what you are offering, email recipients are more likely to open future communications, click through to your website and/or contact you directly.

If you are upselling or cross-selling, there are different considerations, such as not coming on too strong and including opt out buttons.

And, finally, email marketing is vital in the smooth onboarding of a signed-up customer. Attention must be paid to email subject lines to remind readers of the value your offer, and your customer service contact details must be obvious—and much more.

The relationship of landing pages and email marketing is just one small part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. The Breckenridge team will ensure you get it right first time. We will take care of all digital tools and tactics, tailoring and synchronising them into a professional, customer-capturing, -converting and -delighting whole that will ramp up your ROI.

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