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 Meet Jo Blogs, Breckenridge’s blogging superpower.

She’s here to set you right about the importance of blogging as part of your digital marketing strategy. She knows her onions, so, if you are in any doubt about blogging’s value, feel free to plunder her expertise…

So, Jo, how big is blogging when it comes to online marketing?

Massive. Despite social media’s glittering sales talent, blogs are default heavyweight content and lend gravitas to your brand. As such, blogging must be a fundamental component in your inbound marketing strategy, whatever the size of your business.

What are blogging’s superpowers exactly?

Blogging bigs-up marketing in four critical ways:

1. Routing traffic to your website

By tailoring your blogs to customers/potential customers, you show that you understand their concerns and can help them find the right solution.

Importantly, blogs are the primary building blocks of your social media activities, whichever platforms you use – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. By posting links to your blogs on these, your followers/readers will click through to your website.

It also pays to post links to your website pages in your blog copy. This can steer readers to check out your capabilities/offers.

2. Boosting your SEO and SERPs

When it comes to maximising your SEO, blogs are king! Regular, relevant posts keep your website fresh, active and high-profiled by Google– pushing you right up the search rankings and ousting your competitors as you rise.

Ensure your blogs include keywords/topics to determine who finds you – the most common words and phrases they are likely to use when searching for your product/service.

Don’t get too bogged down in this as you must always remember that you also write for people, not just search engines. It’s a balancing act that pays rich dividends when you get it right.

3. Setting your brand as an industry head honcho

Quality content counts and beautifully crafted blogs showcase your organisation as an industry leader. This grows trust – a powerful ingredient in reaching and growing your client base.

4. Building better customer relationships

Connection is critical when it comes to fostering beneficial customer relationships, and blogs are a proven tool to achieve this by being a source of dependable, helpful information.

By ensuring your blog has a comment section, this also encourages response from its readers, and opens the channel to direct dialogue with them. This in turn can be viewed by other readers, further validating your trustworthy status. Remember: these comments stick around far longer than those on your social media posts.

Are blogs and social media best buddies?

Most certainly! Savvy scribe meets scintillating socialite – a match made in ether!

Blogging is the wordsmith with social media the natural-born networker – the one who knows all the right people and goes to all the best gigs, scattering potent morsels across key platforms, to lure readers to your website blog.

Any tips for would-be bloggers?

Blogs must be clear, concise, informed, authoritative, compelling.

They must be well researched and written. They must address problems, offer solutions. They must build confidence in their readers – your potential customers/clients.

Critically, they must include calls-to-action. The more people who fill in a form with their contact details, the more leads you have to fuel your inbound marketing – the start of your sales funnel through to sales and delighted people that come back to you for more/recommend you to others.

Is there such a thing as a blogless website?

Yes! They still exist. Can you believe it? Make sure yours isn’t one of them. Big mistake – lost opportunity and all that. It would be unkind and discourteous to name and shame, but they are out there.

Excellent advice, Jo. Thank you. Any last words?

Yes. Perhaps the most important…

Your writing skills must be impeccable – no spelling or grammatical blunders. And you must also be an instinctive communicator. Unless you have these skills, it really is best to use a pro blogger.

Just like you, Jo?

Of course! Must go – I have blogs to write!

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