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No doubt about it—hashtags extend your Tweet-reach, encourage engagement and help you muscle up in your audience’s eyes. But, if those hashtags aren’t on point, they can weaken your Twitterings.

And overdoing it ranges from voluminous hashtagging, invisibility-inducing typo-traps and big, shouty CAPSLOCK—there’s nothing more off-putting than someone yelling at you, even if it’s silent.

Here’s how to hashtag your way to Twitter marketing success

# Buddy up with big names

Key players can bring massive social validation. Heard of  mega-influencers, macro-influencers, and micro-influencers? Think: celebrities, writers, actors, artists etc. Then bloggers and journalists. Then Joe Bloggs—everyday consumers and employees. All can help boost your hashtag’s visibility. Flattery works well here, too

# Spell-able and remember-able

Help your audience avoid typos—one letter out sets your Tweet to Top Secret and no one will discover it.

# Be pragmatic

Honestly, why should anyone use your one-sided brand hashtags in their Tweets if there’s no juicy incentive for them to do so. 

# Why should people use your hashtag?

Cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship. After all, why should anyone use your hashtag if there’s nothing in it for them. Prizes work, as does retweeting their Tweets—attention + recognition = flattery, and we are all susceptible to it!

# Check what’s going on

Look around to see what hashtags are being used by people when mentioning your brand. This gives real insight into what motivates your audience. Importantly, make sure the hashtag doesn’t already exist—your audience is just one click from being redirected away from your brand.

Of course, there’s a lot more to curing Hashtag-itis. Why not leave it to Breckenridge to manage your Twitter business account? We know all the pitfalls and pluses and how best to raise your social media profile.

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