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As we speak, the latest issue of StannahTalk is talking to thousands of Stannah stairlift users throughout the UK.

From the Mini to Miriam Stoppard, it's packed with interesting, amusing and informative content. A free publication, it is welcomed by people who rely on their Stannah stairlift for independent living in their own homes.

You want proof?

How about a page-turner?



Or our StannahTalk Case Study?

And these fine words from Stannah Stairlift's Marketing Director, Fiona Neil:

Although the production is overseen by the UK marketing department it is put together for us by Breckenridge, our Group PR agency who have worked with Stannah for many years. As soon as one edition goes out, the whole team starts working on ideas for the next edition. We start receiving replies from readers almost immediately and log all their responses. Proofreading takes several weeks, and ensuring that the database of customers is up to date is a major task requiring the help of a data cleaning company. Lots of decisions need to be made on things like images, cartoons and articles to include. There is one final meeting just prior to issue going out where the UK marketing team get together with Breckenridge and read through the printer's proofs for the last time. Once that's done everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief, the magazines are printed and we look forward to hearing from our customers again. 

Who else but Breckenridge to deliver StannahTalk?

As we have for the past eight years for this free, biannual publication.

Researched, written, designed and distributed by Breckenridge, it's a tribute to our creative and organisational in-house capability.

And it works, too—a triumph of traditional outbound marketing that encourages the advocacy of Stannah stairlift users in their droves. No exaggeration. We have the response to prove it—a considerable and steadily climbing readership, consolidated by a regular postbag. And, above all, a client that purrs.

Think how a publication by Breckenridge will help build your business...


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