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Meet Breckenridge—The Growth Agency. 


Yes, you read it right—bandv has rebranded.

Breckenridge is the latest evolution in a 35-year timeline that tracks the company’s growth from traditional marketing agency to digital marketing force, with the colours to prove it.


Because we are industry pioneers, charting emerging technologies and trends and harnessing their power to grow your business, and before everyman plugs in.

Because we’re a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner and a Google Premier Partner, with a client portfolio to match, built on delivering results-driven inbound marketing solutions to B2B organisations throughout the South.

hubspot_google_partnerBecause, as our industry develops, we grow our in-house capability, centred around lead generation, customer acquisition and client engagement, utilising...

Inbound Marketing SEO  PPC Web Design & Development | Public Relations | Branding

And because your bottom line—Return on Investment—is always our top priority.

All In a Name—The Breckstory

Breckenridge is our fifth rebrand, each signposting the industry’s progress and our rise within it.

We’re a family-run business with our genesis in the Big Fat Hairy Goal of a youthful Colin Breckenridge and Mike Viana, way back in 1983 when the company was just a glint in their eyes...

“I've witnessed many changes over the years, from A1 drawing boards, Grant Enlargers, manual typewriters and Amstrad PCWs to Apple iMacs, the Internet and digital marketing. Hundreds of incremental changes that  we have embraced and mastered, that have delivered us to where we are today: a full-service digital growth powerhouse.

That's hundreds of clients—from startups to long-established organisations —and we’re still here and fit for the future. That BFHG made good!"

Colin Breckenridge, Chairman

And, we’re proud to say, our client, Stannah Lifts, has accompanied us on our growth journey. That’s a 35-year marketing partnership that has helped this family-owned lift company maintain its UK-leading status... 

"It is a genuine pleasure to work with the team at Breckenridge. They act as an extension of our department, assisting us across the board with our marketing strategy and execution. We have a strong, long-standing relationship between the companies, having worked together for over two decades."

Jo Monro, Marketing Manager, Stannah Lifts

Next Generation—New Dimensions

For the past 12 years Colin’s son, Ross, has been at the console as MD, driving the company through an expanding digital universe. We’re in control and masters of our craft!

"I’m keen to reactivate the family name and devote the next 35 years to growing Breckenridge's reputation.

"We've always been adaptable, responsive and professional—key qualities that continue to underpin our business; and whilst technology adds to our skillset and your ROI, our fundamental passion is the same as at startup: to help businesses grow.

"Breckenridge wasn’t built in a day. It took 35 years. Now that’s a growth story worth investing in. Welcome aboard!"

We’d like you to share in our success, so how about some free insight into Breckenridge's marketing moxie and its power to grow your business...


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