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Move over Frankenstein, there’s a new beast on the block: a 6' publicity hunter called Titch, the Field Mouse. 

Small and shy she ain't. This is because Titch is a time-served Publicity Rodent, a PR big cheese on board to help our client, Titchfield Dental Health, broadcast their services to a wider audience.

Don't be fooled by the coy expression, the doe eyes and sweeping eyelashes; this is one grown-up, purple eyeshadow-wearing promoter who is happy to take centre stage.

Just what's needed when you're on a PR mission.

TDH is known for its upbeat attitude – a quick look at their Facebook posts shows how they operate. They are especially committed to pain-free dentistry, ground-breaking orthodontics, and overcoming the fears of even the most timorous of dental fraidy-cats.

In fact, it was one of their posts that fired the Breckenridge PRidea: photos of a knitted Monkey Grylls (Titch's predecessor) aping about the practice.

Alternative mindworkings fast-tracked the notion of a dedicated mascot-cum-PR pro. Enter Titch, the Field Mouse. And, like Topsy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she  ‘just growed’.

In the manner of PR bigwigs, Titch has firmly insinuated herself into the bosom of Titchfield Dental Health, as practice owner, Dr Clare Chavasse, comments:

“Life before Titch? Impossible to imagine. She is part of the fabric of our practice, and we look forward to working with her, bringing patients the benefit of our superior dental care, from regular dentistry to corrective orthodontics and whole-body cosmetic treatments.

“Titch is a bit put out at missing our recent cheese-and-wine Open Evening, but there will be countless opportunities for her to meet new and existing patients.

Welcome on board, Titch – and thank you, Breckenridge, for a top PRidea!”

Of course, the last word has to go to the Publicity Rodent herself:

"I am delighted to team up with Titchfield Dental Health. It is a first rate private dental practice with a proven pedigree and a comprehensive range of services delivered by a team of experts. I look forward working with them, meeting existing patients, and reassuring potential patients that TDH is the best choice for them. And cheese, I look forward to the cheese..."

Step into the shadows, Mary Shelley, your creation has been sidelined…

Titch, the Field Mouse, checks local press for news about Titchfield Dental Health.jpg

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