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The new year is a time for new beginnings and setting goals but what do you do if after only a few days back in the office, you find yourself sat in planning/strategy meetings tearing your hair out over the same stale ideas? Well, unfortunately fresh ideas rarely just magically materialise but hopefully some of our top tips below will give you a good starting point.

Hello, can you hear me?!

Before you read on any further, ask yourself this question…, are you listening to your team members? I mean, ‘really listening’ to every one of them?

The loudest person in the room isn’t always the one with the best or brightest ideas, so it’s important to make sure that there is an opportunity for everyone to have their say.

Create an open forum where team members feel comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas without being shot down. After all, ‘there’s no such thing as a bad idea.’

Food for thought

The saying goes that ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ and that may indeed be the case. Holding an informal ideas session with the whole team and providing a free lunch or a few snacks to keep the creative juices flowing won’t cost the earth, but you might see an increase in engagement and enthusiasm that could turn a mundane meeting into a meeting out of which a ground-breaking idea emerges.

Fresh blood vs endless experience

Having a diverse team of a range of ages with different levels of experience and a mixture of backgrounds is the key to creating the dream team!

Fresh ideas are great, but without a sound knowledge of how to get things done and how the industry works, an idea can fall flat on it’s face before it’s even been given legs!

Sleep on it

Sometimes, no matter how long we contemplate on a new project or piece of work, the ideas we come up with are still only just average, and nothing ground-breaking or particularly innovative comes to mind.

If you find yourself in that situation then why not take a break, step out for some fresh air, tell everyone to go home and sleep on it, or even reschedule the meeting until after the weekend when the team has had a chance to refresh and recharge their batteries. This approach could lead to a ‘eureka’ moment by the time Monday morning comes around.

Look outside your organisation

Using an external marketing agency can be just what the doctor ordered when fresh ideas are failing rather than flourishing. Look for an experienced agency with a proven track record and a diverse range of services. Bear in mind that building and maintaining a solid relationship with one multi-service agency will prove much more beneficial in the long run.

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