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More than anything, we want to find out what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals. We’d like to fully understand your current marketing strategy, the challenges your company is facing, and most importantly, determine what we can do to help.

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If you are looking for digital marketing support and direction, make sure you source a boffin proficient in all platforms!

Digital marketing - or data-driven marketing - is an umbrella term for a whole host of platforms that can be dovetailed into a strategy tailored to your business. Concocting the right formula is crucial to success, especially as digital marketing is continually evolving to embrace non-Internet channels such as mobile phones, display advertising, e-books and callback.

Here's how Breckenridge gets the formula right

With a bespoke marketing strategy in place, we exploit HubSpot’s inbound marketing prowess to create high quality, trackable content, landing pages, blogs and automated social media posting.

Here are typical examples of how Brreckenridge’s technological expertise has frontlined client profiles and marketing results:

Example 1: A leading B2B software company specialising in turbo-charged lead generation

Lead generation.png

Through strategic keyword research, content planning and consistent creation of high quality content and content promotion Breckenridge grew our client’s blog traffic from 553 visits a month when they first started working with us to 1,1799 monthly visits.


We have more than tripled blog traffic from organic search and are converting blog visitors into contacts with a conversion rate of 3% which is above the industry average blog conversion rate.

We have improved clients overall ranking on search engines and created blogs that rank as the number 1 result on Google search pages.

By creating well-planned, high quality blog content and applying our expert knowledge in SEO we have helped clients rank on first pages of Google Search results for keywords that are relevant to their business.

Our clients are thought leaders in their fields and rank first on Search engine result pages for keywords that are relevant to their businesses.

Example 2: A leading law firm providing specialist advice to GPs, dentists, consultants and other medical professionals throughout England and Wales

We helped a specialist legal firm working with healthcare providers drive relevant traffic to their website and position themselves as thought leaders. This client is a prime example of how inbound marketing can drive outstanding results even for niche markets. We achieved this success through high quality, informative content targeted at specific keywords.

Through PR distribution and social media outreach our client raised the profile of their company and employees.

Using the insight of HubSpot’s social media scheduling tools we were able to pinpoint the best times and days for posting content on our client’s various social media networks. As a result their followership and engagement metrics skyrocketed and social media drove a total of 1, 824 visits to their website.

Using HubSpot’s A/B testing function for email, email personalisation tools and historic data we were able to consistently improve the performance of our client’s weekly newsletter and grow their database of subscribers. Since working with us their weekly newsletter’s open rate has improved by 22% and their click-through rate by 23%.

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