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Just like free drinks at a networking event, January dried up fast! So how's your digital marketing strategy? Do you have one? Here are a few pointers why you must raise a brimming inbound glass to power you through this year and into the next.

Content Reigns: A major player—still!

Despite the many and varied digital developments, content marketing remains crucial to your campaign—with 'nuance' a buzzword increasingly in the spotlight. Get the content quality right and then focus on your target market. This adds a more sophisticated depth of insight that will colour your activities—a tailoring that is both more specific and more effective. And keep up with the changes in measuring the effectiveness of your content.


Social Media: It's where everyone's at

Amplify your online presence at every opportunity. We've already flagged up the importance of Facebook and Instagram in your 2019 inbound marketing strategy—read our blog on this subject—so feature this in your spend.

Facebook: For old'uns only?

Facebook remains a major social media platform and is ideal if you are targeting the over 65s (41% of its users are over this age). But factor in that a recent data breach impacted 14 million users, that it's an active propaganda platform, and that its popularity stake with younger people is fading. Just check that your demographic is a big user of Facebook before investing in it.

Instagram: For young'uns only?

Owned by Facebook—an astute move that has both age demographics by the throat!—this visual-centric platform has over 1 billion users, with the emphasis on the under 30s. Heavy on images and videos that can be uploaded from those omnipresent mobile phones, don't underestimate this doodad as it's right up there as the computer of choice for Joe Bloggs (of all ages)...




Chatbot: Your right-hand man 

This smart virtual assistant simplifies the interaction between humans and computers by streamlining the process of what you want to achieve and... achieving it. They are spookily natural and convincing, communicating with you using voice and text. Already big on social media, they help up-level customer service, automate functions, improve user experience and, importantly, boost engagement and conversion in the face of ever-changing algorithms and mounting competition. 




And you must also take into account the rise of personalised email, voice interaction, video and live-streaming video. It's a growing list and one to which you must subscribe if you want to operate at the cutting edge of digital marketing and maximise your ROI.

So let's get your 2019 inbound marketing on track. How about a free chat to work out where you are, your goals and how best to get you there. We'll drink to that!


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