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When it comes to muscling-up in today’s marketing ring, it pays to have a solid writing tag team fighting your corner. Why? Because it brings complementary communication skills to the canvas—skills that will help to strengthen and build your business.

But what’s the difference between the team members?

Content Writing
When it comes to creating a spectrum of long copy items (c.1200 words and over), you need Content Writers on your side. They handle meaty, detail heavy, journalistic writing such as blogs, factsheets and whitepapers. Longer copy works best for technical/high value products that require and benefit from in-depth explanation.

Their job is to address every objection that the customer/consumer may have and reassure them that they are making the right choice, ultimately leading to increased sales. 

Content Writing is search engine-optimised, considers meta tags (text snippets/content descriptors, in the page’s code, that help tell search engines what the page is about), keywords, internal and external links, and how these links and shares will amplify/maximise the audience. They work to longer lead times than…

Advertising-centric, copywriters are masters of short, sales copy, including headlines, straplines, brochures, billboards, catalogues and general advertising copy, with a quick turnaround, too. 

They snatch words out of nowhere to conjure attention-grabbing headlines and sales copy, to persuade the target market to think and act in the required way—steering visitors to click on these vital calls to action.

They know how to tell a good story, using warmth and humour to tug at emotions and connect on a personal level. And succinct copy skills are vital when there isn’t much space in which to work!

Writing Horizons
This tag team work works to build traffic, brand and relationships with customers and consumers. Perhaps it would be fair to unite both breeds under the title of Digital Copywriters, a cross-discipline species that writes both long and short form copy whilst also considering the mechanics of the user journey—all the tools and tactics to drive online sales and deal with technical issues such as bounce rate.

Brevity Rules
There is one rule that binds all commercial writers, whether they write long or short copy: write no more than is necessary—of particular relevance to the slender attention spans that govern web browsing.

The Breckenridge Tag Team
Of course, Breckenridge boasts a winning writing tag team—qualified, tried and tested. Importantly—and you’ll be glad to hear this—we dress the part. Always. Strictly no trunks, singlets or sumo mawashi.

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