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Breckenridge MD, Ross Breckenridge, talked about the inbound approach to marketing automation at #BIS2019—the South’s first major business Expo, held at Chilworth Manor Hotel in September.

Aimed at business leaders, the event showcased world-class innovation in the science, technology, engineering and business sectors (STEM).

Ross was enthusiastic about the event, what Breckenridge brought to it and how Breckenridge can help businesses grow:

The Expo was a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about the power of marketing automation to make their business grow faster and better.

Digital marketing will increase the capacity of your sales and marketing teams. It’s really efficient—your contacts hit triggers which automatically generates communications. It means you have their attention, that they engage with you. It means you never miss an opportunity.

Inbound helps you focus on your best opportunities and lead nurturing will encourage qualified demand, as long as you are providing value and have good calls to action.


The Expo was a great customer experience. Much of the group was engaged in some kind of marketing automation.

Ross ran through a framework for setting up automated lead nurturing, with the goal of educating and qualifying prospects better before they go to the sales team.

So many people want new leads but forget about nurturing the contacts they already have, and who knows them. Automation makes it much easier to do this.

Interesting questions were raised and answered about how long to keep unengaged contacts in a database. With GDPR, business owners really need to be much more proactive with this.

Breckenridge has first class digital marketing credentials. We’re a  HubSpot Gold inbound marketing agency and a Google Premier Partner. We also have over 35 years' industry experience, so we know what we’re talking about.

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