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More than anything, we want to find out what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals. We’d like to fully understand your current marketing strategy, the challenges your company is facing, and most importantly, determine what we can do to help.

Would you like to escape the barrage of seasonal songs, balding tinsel, limp balloons and bullet-proof mince-pies that have been trumpeting the arrival of Christmas since October last?

You are not alone. So why not tune out and warm yourself in front of this big, boasty bandv marketing Yule Blog. It could give you something to think about for 2015, whilst distracting you from creeping Christmas chills…

Finding the best way forward

Since the birth of the internet, businesses have been confronted by a brave new technological marketplace in which to promote their products and / or services.

This can become confusing as many place their real-world marketing requirements with real-world agencies and then find they have to consult digital agencies for their virtual inbound marketing needs.

Not only can this be confusing, it can also be counter-productive, prohibiting the creation of cohesive campaigns in which all marketing threads twine into a targeted strategy designed to get the best results.

Digital agencies tend to come from a technological background and primarily focus on website design and optimization. However well they do this, they can lack the marketing expertise of agencies experienced in real-world, traditional graphic design, branding, advertising, direct marketing, public relations et al.

Add to this the rainbow of agencies competing for business – all of them claiming to be the best around / that money can buy / that will take your business to dizzying heights – and it is no wonder that the welter of mixed messages can obscure the best way forward.

Introducing our dazzling dual capability Helping you make the most of two marketing worlds

Some marketing agencies unite real and virtual marketing capabilities under one roof. By doing so, they create consistent, integrated strategies that generate maximum results. Voila! Worry removed, time and money saved, freedom to focus on core business activities restored. There’s nothing like a clear, straight path to speed up promotional progress.

To illustrate the point, bandv is a full marketing service agency that lives up to its claims, offering dual capability to a portfolio of clients who value the many benefits of having all their marketing needs fulfilled by a single source.

By offering a comprehensive range of online and traditional marketing services, bandv can tailor  solutions to individual requirements. This maximizes the success of any business at any stage in its life cycle, from start-up to sustained growth and development, and that all-important big, bright future.

About our digital skills

Inbound marketing is a rapidly developing trend. bandv offers a full range of digital marketing services such as web design and development, search engine optimization (seo), adwords, pay-per-click (ppc), email marketing, audio and video services, and the all-important social media.

Again, solutions are tailored to a client’s objectives; primarily to make their website succeed. This we achieve by:

  • Agreeing individual strategies that work for individual clients (no off-the-shelf-solutions from bandv);
  • Increasing brand impact by connecting all approaches to inbound marketing;
  • Uncovering all possible potential for clients to be more profitable online

Fronted by Client Services Director, Ross Breckenridge, our multi-talented team designs and develops striking, high functioning websites – bespoke every time. Usable, visible and highly effective, every effort is channelled into making the world aware of our clients’ websites, as Ross explains:

“An online presence – and all the marketing benefits this can generate – is a must for any modern business. Web design and development is all about connecting with your customers. bandv works closely with clients to deliver a site that looks great, functions well and meets all online goals. A website is not a stand-alone project; it must bring together a coherent message with all other marketing efforts; it should be reliable, and it should work. bandv can also add features including e-commerce or bespoke programming so your website can become the powerful marketing tool it should be."

About our traditional skills

Experience matters. bandv has over 31 years of outbound marketing wisdom – a welter of traditional communication skills that initiate a conversation and send the message out to a targeted audience, whether they want to receive it or not!

It’s a wide net that snares a few customers from a sea of loosely targeted consumers. In a way, it imposes on consumers without regard for their desire to receive it. Examples of outbound marketing include:

  • tradeshows
  • TV and radio commercials
  • print advertising – newspaper/magazine ads, flyers, brochures, catalogues, etc.
  • cold calling
  • billboards
  • email blasts
  • telemarketing

Outbound marketing is a known medium with a loud, clear message, understood by everyone, critically with those who still struggle with, and mistrust, digital media. Above all, outbound marketing is viable and complementary, and helps in achieving visible, tangible results for a multitude of businesses across the market spectrum. 

Explaining our vision and returning you to the joys of Xmas

bandv’s 10-strong team plans, designs and writes marketing communications that bring colour to any commercial activity, with optimum results every time. Fresh, creative, practical – and always cost-effective – our campaigns reach and often exceed business objectives.

We recognise the value of building strong working relationships with clients, encouraging trust and co-operation as a supportive marketing partner. This capability has steered many businesses through the pain barrier of new technology, including the esoteric realms of web design and optimization, and inbound marketing.

Managing Director, Colin Breckenridge, explains the ethos behind bandv’s double-act:

“We believe in providing a single-source for all our clients’ marketing needs. We keep pace with technological development and, by combining this with our weighty traditional experience and expertise, we keep ourselves – and our clients – ahead of the game. This flexibility ensures we offer the best of real- and virtual-world marketing. We are reaping real results for all our clients, so our formula must be working!”

Established in February 1983, bandv is a time-served professional in the marketing industry. By embracing new technologies and bridging the gap between real and virtual worlds, we are making sure that our clients navigate the marketing maze easily and successfully. 


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