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FINAL SOUTHAMPTON CITY LOGO.jpgThere are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. This is set to rise to one million by 2025, and two million by 2051. For team bandv, these statistics cannot be ignored, so we have decided to become a member of the Southampton Dementia Action Alliance. The Alzheimer’s Society run programme encourages organisations across various regions to connect, share best practice and take practical action on dementia. The goal is to change society’s response to dementia in line with that of cancer.

As a Dementia Friendly Business we are committed to making sure our staff have an awareness of dementia and how it can affect people, adjusting communication methods if needed. Over the next year we have promised to put several actions in place including training of our staff in dementia awareness and giving them an opportunity to become Dementia Friends.

Colin Breckenridge, Managing Director of bandv says: “We have several members of staff who have been affected by dementia in some way. Whether it’s through friends or family, the condition tends to send a ripple-effect of sadness through communities. We are helping Southampton become a dementia friendly community by ensuring each member of bandv understands the condition and what support is available for both patients and carers”. 

We wear our Dementia Friendly badge with pride. You can view our profile and sign up yourself here.