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We are delighted to announce that the latest instalment in the 'Liam Loves' safety campaign series by  LEIA (the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry) , 'Liam Loves Escalators' is available to order now! 

The ‘Liam Loves’ safety awareness campaign by LEIA is all about encouraging children and their families to stay safe when using lifts and escalators and includes a series of fun, free and educational books for young children to enjoy and learn from.

One of LEIA’s key objectives is to provide advice on health, safety and standards and the ‘Liam Loves’ children’s safety campaign highlights their commitment to this cause.

Following on from last year’s successful safety campaign, LEIA have once again launched a free children’s story book (and this time a poster too), aimed at educating children (and parents) about how to use escalators safely. The new campaign was launched by Breckenridge on behalf of LEIA  on Monday 25th September.

Both entertaining and educational, the new ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ children’s storybook and poster continues the story of Liam, the inquisitive little boy from the first story. Liam is now a few years older and children will get to join Liam and his toy dinosaur in his latest adventure as he learns about the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of escalator safety through a series of fabulously fun illustrations.

The new ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ children’s storybook has been written by Breckenridge’s PR Director Angela Breckenridge and the fabulously fun illustrations have been put together by our Graphic Designer Sally Berkeley. Breckenridge will also once again be managing all promotion and advertising of the new ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ storybook.

The escalator safety awareness campaign is now in full swing and the hope is that this will raise awareness around the issues of child safety when it comes to escalators, to help prevent future incidents.

 This time the free ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ storybook also comes with a poster for the little ones to colour-in, and as part of the campaign we will also be running a colouring competition to give children their chance to win their very own dinosaur cuddly toy, just like Liam’s!

 The competition will run on the ‘Liam Loves’ Facebook page (, where we are also inviting parents and families to share their thoughts, stories and pictures of their little ones enjoying the ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ book and poster.

Liam Loves Escalators is available now so visit the  LiamLoves Facebook page to order your FREE copy of the book and poster!

To find out more about the new children’s safety campaign visit the LEIA website 

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