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More than anything, we want to find out what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals. We’d like to fully understand your current marketing strategy, the challenges your company is facing, and most importantly, determine what we can do to help.

Google's Helpful Content Update: What it Means for Content Creators

What is the Helpful Content Update? It’s no secret that a majority of content on the web is made for the sole purpose of driving traffic to the writers’ websites. 

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An Introduction to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

An Introduction to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Universal Analytics (UA) is sunsetting in July 2023, to be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 represents a complete overhaul of how your website analytics data is collected from start to finish. But what do these changes mean for you? In this guide, we aim to explain the differences between Universal Analytics and GA4, and the impacts this migration may have on your business.

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How to survive and thrive during Covid with Inbound Marketing

There has been no greater test of your business’s marketing strategy than the arrival of Covid, lockdown and furlough.

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Thinking of onboarding HubSpot Enterprise?

Want to know whether it’s best to use self-service or an agency? Now’s a good time to do your homework—to evaluate your requirements and choices—so you can put your plans into action when business gets back to normal.

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Remote working made easy with HubSpot

Working from somewhere that isn’t your normal place of work—there’s a lot of it about right now... ... So, whether you already have a remote working policy in place or not, onboarding HubSpot tools and integrations will make it work.

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Customer service on social media— friend or foe?

 When it comes to brand communications, online customer service in social media can be your best buddy or your worst nightmare. No other marketing channel offers such instant communication—a dazzling new level of client/customer synergy that can work for or against you.

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Passing leads over to sales: it pays to get the timing right

If you’re a B2B company looking to sell a product, service or message, then you have your eye on one thing—clinching sales.   And if your sales and marketing set-up is what it should be, then these conversions are the direct result of a smartly planned and implemented sales process.

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Winning an Award = FREE Marketing!

Achieved something that you’re proud of? Then enter this year’s UK Marketing Awards. If you get nominated, shortlisted and/or win, the whole process will boost your brand profile.

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Have you got the right digital kit to be business fit?

Do you do digital? If not, you MUST! Because digital is where it’s at when it comes to building inbound marketing muscle. And you’d better shape up or you’ll lose out...

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Lady Marketeers—how our thinking makes us thrive or dive!

WHO: Martine Bolton—Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Author WHAT:  How to optimise your thinking to increase your well-being, performance and results WHEN: Wednesday, 25 March WHERE: Holiday Inn, Winchester WHY: It's time to look at how we think and the power this has to change our lives!

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Top digital marketing tools for sales and marketing teams

When it comes to technological support, sales and marketing has never had it so good. There are gizmos galore out there, all designed to help you smash your sales targets. It’s a bit like fishing—get tooled-up and you'll land a bigger, better catch—more quickly!

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Proud to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner!

It's out with the fizz and flutes here at Breckenridge as we toast our new HubSpot Platinum Partner status. 

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2020—on target for your best sales year yet?

So, how’s it going? We’re well into 2020. Hopefully, you got stuck into your digital marketing plans from the get-go. If not, here's the easiest way to get on track: Have a clear vision before you start. Do this by channelling your energy in the right places. It’s not too late to make 2020 your best online marketing year!

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How a review of 2019 can help you set powerful 2020 sales targets

So, what’s your Big Fat Hairy Sales Goal for 2020? More successful in some way? Improved financial security? Further up the career ladder? Whatever your BFHG(s) may be, putting digital marketing staging posts in place is a surefire way to keep you on course.

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Use your 2019 sales figures to speed ahead in 2020

Did you zoom triumphantly into 2020 with all digital marketing goals achieved? Or did you cruise in more slowly, feeling that things could have gone better? If the latter, now’s the time to learn from experience—to grease those wheels and make this marketing year the best yet. And it’s not too late!

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Why top-level personnel should do social media

How active are the leaders on their company’s social media accounts? Many are usually too busy and it falls to the comms team.  Is this you?   It shouldn’t be as top-level social engagement can impact business results big time.

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Come to the next Solent HUG—meet HubSpot’s Sabine Schmidt

Friendly, informative and fun, the Solent HUG is a local community committed to educating, inspiring and sharing best inbound marketing and sales practice.   Free to attend, meetings are held four times a year, with the first HUG of 2020 being held at Eastleigh Football Club on Wednesday, 18 March.

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Use website analytics to master your customer buyer journey

When it comes to digital marketing, your website is a powerful sales tool—so much more than an on-line brochure or storefront.   It is a treasure trove of information and it’s up to you to be an expert miner and plunder its lucrative resources.

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head in sand

Dead Leads Exist—how to spot them and move on

Although there is truth in the old sales adage: “No doesn’t mean no, it just means not right now” there comes a time when even the most resilient and tenacious of us must pull our heads out of the sand, face reality and focus on high-potential leads.   The success of your inbound marketing strategy depends on it.

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Outbound Marketing Lives! And helps your business grow

Remember outbound marketing—reaching customers with targeted approaches such as cold calls, email marketing, direct mail, advertising, print and account-based marketing (ABM). It was sidelined when inbound marketing strode in but it is still a valid and powerful marketing tool when it comes to growing your business.

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Convert leads into sales with web analytics

In a digital marketing world you must establish and maintain a competitive edge. For this you need a website—structured, good looking, well written and focussed on your target market. But did you know that your website can also be your hardest working salesperson?

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About the Solent HUG—from the mouths of HUGgers

Involved in inbound marketing and sales? Wondering whether the Solent HUG is worth attending? Listen to what our committed HUGgers have to say…

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Strengthen your digital marketing with PESO

PESO is the acronym for Paid—Earned—Shared—Owned. It represents the segmentation of all marketing channels that can be utilised to build your brand. Each segment has its own identity but combine them and they become a more powerful whole that delivers better results and a more connected message.

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Email Marketing? Breckenridge proves it works!

Is email marketing part of your inbound marketing toolkit? It should be—it's a powerful sales driver! The Titchfield Dental Times proves it…

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Why it pays to reward your B2B customers

In the continual push for new business never overlook your existing customers. If you do, they will cool quickly and hotfoot it to more appreciative pastures. And, believe us, it takes a lot more than charm and tulips to keep them faithful...

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Lady Marketeers: Learn to amplify marketing with LinkedIn

Not long now until the Lady Marketeers meet—just about the best collection of female marketing nous in the region. FREE to attend but register first.

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Hole Net

Calling all B2Bs: How to hang on to your customers

Netting customers is one thing—hanging on to them is another. Losing a number of clients over a given period of time is called customer churn. Too many losses will damage your brand reputation and bottom line—your ROI.

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LEADS: Realise Their Value—Rest on Your ROI!

Your business’s success depends on your Return on Investment—and it’s finding new customers/sales that determines whether you can put your feet up on a tidy profit. And sales rely on quality leads—the ones that are worth chasing because they will pay.

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Meet HubSpot’s Zara Flannery at the next Solent HUG

Looking for the best support with onboarding your Inbound Marketing strategy? Come to the next Solent HUG! Meet and talk with HubSpot’s Senior Onboarding Specialist, Zara Flannery. WHERE: Eastleigh Football Club, The Silverlake Stadium, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh Hampshire SO50 9HT WHEN: 4 December, 9.30am—11.30am

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#BRECKATHON2: A Day to Work on Breckenridge

All hands on deck—check Out-of-office email set—check Mind-switch from working for clients to working for Breckenridge—check Must be #Breckathon2—another day focused on our own growth and development, with our clients benefitting from the changes.

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The importance of a sure-fire PR plan

Public relations does what it says on the tin: builds your relationship with your public. It influences your brand reputation and how it impacts your audience—your customers, clients, suppliers, staff, stakeholders, journalists and regulators.

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Lady Marketeers know how to get news noticed by journalists!

  All thanks to their September guest speaker, Darren Slade, Group Business Editor at Newsquest Hampshire and Dorset.

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Breckenridge upskills at BrightonSEO 2019

Our very own SEO & PPC Manager, Shawn Harding, was in his element at BrightonSEO in September. For two whole days he lived and breathed SEO with fellow search marketing nerds...

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Breckenridge talks marketing automation at the Business Innovation South Expo

Breckenridge MD, Ross Breckenridge, talked about the inbound approach to marketing automation at #BIS2019—the South’s first major business Expo, held at Chilworth Manor Hotel in September.

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How to build and manage your first online Sales Funnel

If you are new to the marketing industry it pays to be able to build a first-class sales funnel. This is the vital first step in the success of your digital marketing campaign and will attract and convert new customers—the lifeblood of your business.

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Lady Marketeers talk business with Newsquest Business Editor

WHERE: ElemenTel, Chancery House, Premier Way, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 9DQ   WHEN: Tuesday, 24 September   WHO: Guest speaker, Darren Slade

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Introducing our Queen of Planning…

Strategic planner. People and project manager. Bringer of order to chaos. Chief ass-kicker. Meet Rae Hardy-Aitken—Breckenridge’s Head of Operations.

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Visual Content Marketing: How a picture paints a thousand words

We live, work and play in an increasingly visual world and exploiting images of every type and video in your content marketing is critical to the success of your strategy.

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Visit Breckenridge at the Business Innovation South Expo

Looking for an Inbound Marketing Agency that will help your business grow? Visit the Breckenridge Stand at the Business Innovation South Expo. Chilworth Manor Hotel, Southampton Science Park Thursday, September 12 10am—4.30pm

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Meet Ian McKeown @ the Solent HUG for FREE Inbound Marketing Smarts

Check out this HubSpot Implementation Specialist—he’s Ian McKeown and he’s jetting in from HubSpot’s Dublin HQ to give you lucky Solent HUGGERS FREE digital marketing insights and hands-on support. Subject: Lead Capture Techniques—gated content strategy and how to create conversion points on your website Venue: Urban Reef Seafront Restaurant & Beach Bar, Boscombe Date: Wednesday, 18 September, 2019  

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socialmediametrics 12.16.37

5 Social Media Metrics for Marketing Success

Social media metrics have a reputation for being baffling and time-hungry, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are five pointers to help you to understand and use social media metrics—vital for writing your social media marketing report and proving that your strategy is working.

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Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 15.37.27

#BRECKATHON1: Time out from Breckenridge to work on Breckenridge

  You need green-space chillin' for blue-sky thinkin', so here's a handful of us halfway through our first Breckathon—a day where we switched from working for our clients to working on our business.

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Lady Marketeers! Why Storytelling Makes the Best Marketing…

For the best ideas, come to the next Lady Marketeers meet...

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From the Mini to Miriam Stoppard: StannahTalks to the UK!

As we speak, the latest issue of StannahTalk is talking to thousands of Stannah stairlift users throughout the UK.

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Meet Stephen Fuery @ the Solent HUG for FREE Inbound Marketing Advice

Looking for the best support with your Inbound Marketing strategy? Come to the next Solent HUG—Dancing Man Brewery, 19 June—and listen to HubSpot’s Principal Implementation Specialist, Stephen Fuery—he's flying in from Dublin to speak on ‘How to overcome the top five client struggles with HubSpot.’

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Peter Czapp - Coloured background head shot - compressed

Meet Peter Czapp @ the Solent HUG for FREE Inbound Marketing Advice

Who better to speak at the next Solent HUG on ‘Targeted Content and Thought Leadership’ than business entrepreneur, Peter Czapp?

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Solent HUG: FREE Inbound Marketing Smarts from Industry Experts

Yet another Solent HUG looms, promising FREE inbound smarts from HubSpot's Stephen Fuery, flying in from Dublin, and The Wow Company's Peter Czapp.

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BRAND ARCHETYPES: Why you must create the right brand identity

It’s vital to correctly identify your brand archetype in order to connect with your target market and generate customer loyalty. 

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Solent HUG—March 2019: A Content Marketing Belter!

Next week's Solent HUG is a content marketing belter and well worth a blog to put you in the inbound marketing picture. 

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How to Up Your Conversion Rate with Landing Pages + Email Marketing

When it comes to turning leads into customers, combining email and landing pages is a powerful tactic in the success of your inbound marketing strategy.

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Inbound Marketing: It’s All About Pulling Power…

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, inbound marketing has all the magnetism your brand needs to build looks, reputation and wealth.

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Digital Marketing 2019: How's It Flowing?

Just like free drinks at a networking event, January dried up fast! So how's your digital marketing strategy? Do you have one? Here are a few pointers why you must raise a brimming inbound glass to power you through this year and into the next.

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"Not obsessed with Facebook & Instagram marketing? Then you lose."

Prophetic words from Gary Vaynerchuk— a major media, communications and marketing influencer who's switched on to social media’s importance in the future of digital marketing.

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Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 09.08.18

From bandv to Breckenridge: A Dream of a Year

A Dream Circus—what better way to lionise a dream of a year. Following 12 months of growth, culminating in a big, fat hairy rebrand that took us from bandv to Breckenridge, we needed to let our hair down.

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From Drawing Boards to Digital Time Lords: A 35-year Growth Story

Meet Breckenridge—The Growth Agency.  Who? Yes, you read it right—bandv has rebranded.

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StannahTalk Lands! No. 1 Winter Friend for 1000s!

The 15th issue of StannahTalk is winging its way to stairlift users throughout the UK—thanks, once again, to Breckenridge's design, research, writing and production team.

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Liam Loves SILVER! Breckenridge Wins CIPR PRide Award

Yes! Liam Loves Escalators children's safety campaign scoops SILVER at the CIPR's regional PRide Awards at Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, 30 November.

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Breckenridge sings Honeypot's praises!

Honeypot Children's Charity has long been Breckenridge's charity of choice—and what better way to sing its praises than to (once again) design their annual Christmas Carol Concert programme, tickets and flyers.

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Liam Loves Escalators wins Marketing Campaign of the Year Awards

Liam Loves Escalators: Breckenridge shortlisted for 2018 CIPR #PRideAwards!

Remember Liam Loves Lifts—Breckenridge's children's safety campaign on behalf of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA)?  Well, it seems Liam Loves Escalators, too, and it has been shortlisted for the 2018 CIPR #PRideAwards, Not for Profit Campaign, South of England and Channel Islands region.

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Why/How You Should Create Your Own Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and integral to your digital marketing campaign—so make sure you give it the planning it needs to generate best results. 

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Boost Your Brand and ROI with Email Marketing

Email still reigns when it comes to digital marketing—so it’s imperative that you exploit this powerful tool to reap the most from your inbound campaigns.

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Got #HashTag-itis? Take Breckenridge’s magic bullet for giga-fit* Tweeting

No doubt about it—hashtags extend your Tweet-reach, encourage engagement and help you muscle up in your audience’s eyes. But, if those hashtags aren’t on point, they can weaken your Twitterings.

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Painstaking Punctuation Saves Lives—and Business!

When it comes to meaning you MUST punctuate correctly. It clarifies intent so that your readers/clients/customers get the right end of the ice pick.

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Come along to the Breckenridge Academy No. 4—for Inbound Marketers!

Digital marketing agency Breckenridge is hosting its fourth ‘Breckenridge Academy’ at the Hilton Ageas Bowl Hotel in West End, Thursday, 15 November, 9am—1pm.

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Breckenridge and Stannah Lifts: PR in Action!

How about this for Breckenridge PR in action?—A four-page editorial on the two Stannah passenger lifts installed in the brand new International Bomber Command Centre in Lincolnshire, to feature in the Conservation and Heritage Journal.

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Listen up to outbound marketing—it’s a ballsy co-mover when it comes to slicing leads along your sales funnel...

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How to Stay Ahead of Google’s Hair-wrenching SEO Algorithms…

Google’s search algorithms change daily -- around 500--600 times a year. Some are minuscule tweaks, others seriously shake up the search engine results pages (SERPs). EVERY change influences the rise and fall of your brand content on SERPs.

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Marketing, Advertising & The Long Arm of the Law...

Now that GDPR has us firmly gripped, what better time to brush up on the legalities of Marketing and Advertising -- to avoid being handpicked by the long arm of the law…

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Breckenridge's SSL Certification Guarantees Your Website’s Security

Who hasn’t hotfooted it from a website that is not secure?  To make sure this doesn’t happen to your website users, Breckenridge offers full Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification – a Google Chrome 68 protocol, introduced in July 2018, that will stop the search giant from visibly stamping your website as ‘Not Secure’.

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Is Your Website Rockin'?

 Websites are dynamic entities – a slick synthesis of programming and design to create the ultimate visitor user experience (UX). So, it pays to keep an eye on website trends...

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Inbound PR

Inbound PR: Headliner, Page-turner, Best Seller – Big Bucks Earner!

Prologue Thanks to digital marketing, the subtle art of Inbound Public Relations is rubbing shoulders with its showier, noisier, more results-obvious marketing best sellers such as advertising, digital and social media.

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Liam Loves Escalators wins Marketing Campaign of the Year Awards

‘Liam Loves Escalators’ Children’s Safety Campaign Wins the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ Award

We are thrilled to announce that our Children’s Safety campaign ‘Liam Loves Escalators’ created for the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) has won ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ in the Trade Association Forum (TAF) Best Practice Awards.

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June – Halfway Through 2018: Is Your SEM Strategy on Target?

How do you score on our Search Engine Marketing tick list? 

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StannahTalk, Summer 2018: A Right Royal Edition!

For some, it’s the first swifts in our skies that herald summer. For others, it’s the arrival of StannahTalk…

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Riding the AI Wave: How Artificial Intelligence Future-proofs SEO

AI is surfing in. We’re fast handing over human skills and cognition to machines that do all the thinking and doing for us. It already impacts every aspect of online/inbound marketing but, unsurprisingly, it has massive ramifications when it comes to your SEO.

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Brighton SEO: April 2018 Recap

I love BrightonSEO.

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Hearty Praise from Hampshire Fare for New Website

It’s always nice to receive praise from a client for a job well done and having recently designed and created a brand-new website for not-for-profit organisation Hampshire Fare, that’s exactly the delightful position we found ourselves in.

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How Blogging Bigs-Up Your Inbound Marketing . . .

 Meet Jo Blogs, Breckenridge’s blogging superpower. She’s here to set you right about the importance of blogging as part of your digital marketing strategy. She knows her onions, so, if you are in any doubt about blogging’s value, feel free to plunder her expertise…

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Social Media: Does This Subtle SuperPower Up Your SEO?

When it comes to shining online, does social media affect search rankings? Depends. Why? Because Google guards its algorithms fiercely and is elusive when it comes to social linkbacks as a ranking influence. However, evidence indicates that social metrics impact SEO in a subtle way.

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WordPower! How Copywriting Whams-Up Your Conversion Rates!

 When it comes to electronic commerce, converting browsing customers into paying customers owes much to words and the power of persuasion. So it pays to invest in influential copywriting – a potent, economical tool that will drive your readers to engage with your content and click your calls-to-action, increasing leads and whamming-up your conversion rates.

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BYE-BYE 2017 ~ Breckenridge's had a Marketing Ball!

And so another year fades – and what a colourful year it’s been; a year of challenges, changes and triumphs, for us and for our clients. Before succumbing to the seasonal scrum, how about a whistle-stop waltz around a few of the highlights? 

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Best Party Ever for Breckenridge!

 Last weekend bandv had our annual Christmas party and we certainly celebrated in style!

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Breckenridge’s MD Ross Breckenridge Helps to Raise £47,000 for Kick4Life

Breckenridge's MD Ross Breckenridge has helped to raise a whopping £47,000 for the Kick4Life charity by taking on Deloitte’s Ride Across Britain Cycling Challenge.

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StannahTalk's out ~ it must be Christmas!

It's here! The winter edition of StannahTalk – right up there with the nation's favourite festive first-footer, the Mince Pie.  Soon to be thudding on doormats throughout the UK, this magazine prepares Stannah stairlift users for the seasonal scrum.

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Inbound Intelligence: it pays to be all ears!

When it comes to Inbound Intelligence, it pays to be up on the lingo. Here are a few of the main terms—and keep an ear out for changes as this is a fast-evolving industry.

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From Quills to Computers ~ copywriting still counts!

Ink pens (of every ilk), paper and typewriters may have been bumped out by computers, but copywriting is here to stay.

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COPYWRITING: Omnipotent, Omniscient OMNIARCH!

Bold but true: copywriting underpins every function in a multi-disciplinary marketing agency—ignore it to your detriment.

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setting smart inbound marketing goals.jpg

How to set SMART goals for your inbound marketing strategy

The goals that you set for your inbound marketing will guide your strategy and tactics and will determine what success looks like for you and your team. It is therefore important to set some really SMART goals.

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New LEIA Safety campaign 'Liam Loves Escalators' goes live

We are delighted to announce that the latest instalment in the 'Liam Loves' safety campaign series by  LEIA (the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry) , 'Liam Loves Escalators' is available to order now! 

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Copywriting + Content Writing: A Winning Tag Team

When it comes to muscling-up in today’s marketing ring, it pays to have a solid writing tag team fighting your corner. Why? Because it brings complementary communication skills to the canvas—skills that will help to strengthen and build your business.

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Praise for Prospectus re-design from Itchen College

It’s always nice to receive praise from a client for a job well done and having recently completed the brand-new Prospectus for Itchen Sixth Form College, that’s exactly the position we found ourselves in.

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Breckenridge’s MD takes on Deloitte’s Ride Across Britain for Kick4Life

Breckenridge’s very own MD is set to take part in Deloitte’s Ride Across Britain cycling challenge this September to raise crucial funds for the Kick4Life charity.

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Breckenridge is delighted to announce the launch of new LEIA safety campaign ‘Liam Loves Escalators’

We are delighted to announce that LEIA (the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry) has invited Breckenridge to develop and run the latest instalment in their ‘Liam Loves’ safety campaign series; introducing ‘Liam Loves Escalators’.

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StannahTalk: A Case Study

Breckenridge enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with the Stannah Group of companies (Lifts Limited, Lift Services and Stairlifts), delivering results-geared marketing for over 30 years—from bespoke websites, SEO and PPC to design, PR, copywriting and production.

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Get ahead of your competitors with your very own Social Media plan

A lot of businesses don’t give social media the credit it deserves; they seem to push it to the back of the ‘to do’ list and upload content without any real thought behind it.

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The real value of PR

    As PR practitioners, we are often asked what the real value of PR is. Now, I don’t proclaim to be a mind-reader (probably far from it), but at this precise second, I bet I can guess exactly what you are thinking…

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Our main takeaways from the State of Inbound 2017

HubSpot’s State of Inbound is upon us and as an Inbound marketing agency ourselves we always look forward to digesting it, but for those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a Business report for Marketing and Sales Research and its purpose is to uncover International Marketing priorities, latest content distribution trends, and buyer communication preferences.

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Saluting Independence: latest issue of StannahTalk, by Breckenridge

2017 is a big year for Stannah Lifts – it's their 150th anniversary as a UK-leading lift company, so it's fitting that this issue of StannahTalk should pay tribute to its heritage.

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Becoming our own growth agency

The lasting effects of completing Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp Like many agency owners - or any business owner / manager for that matter - business development is just one of the tasks on my plate. People, job, financial and account management, training, business leadership and strategy are all easy reasons to give for not getting on with the task of generating new business. Generating a consistent pipeline of opportunities is tough, and even though I know it’s vitally important it always seems to get pushed to the back of the queue.

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Marketing: interfuse currents for maximum success

First we all rode the traditional, well-charted current of outbound marketing; now we have new-wave inbound marketing crackling in, shaking us up and making us do things differently. That's a lot of currents to decipher. The trick is interfusion – the joining or mixing (two or more things) together.

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