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Case Study – Stannah 150 Branding

Stannah 150 Branding

In 2017 Stannah Stairlifts celebrated their 150th anniversary so they wanted a campaign to mark and celebrate this significant milestone.

The Client

bandv enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with the Stannah Group of companies (Lifts Limited, Lift Services and Stairlifts), delivering results-geared marketing.

The Objective

bandv were contacted by Stannah Stairlifts to produce a campaign to celebrate their 150th anniversary and their wealth of heritage and experience. The campaign also had to demonstrate Stannah’s capability and how there are many other parts to the business other than just stairlifts.

We did

We began with the brief from Stannah and a list of 10 key messages that the company wanted to convey through the 150th campaign. Armed with the brief and the list of key messages from Stannah, we explored a range of different ideas through research, group discussions and planning meetings.

Two main concepts were born out of the research and ideas process and these were both presented to the client. The old and new ‘faces’ design (transition image from Joseph Stannah’s face to the face of a modern day Stannah engineer) was chosen by Stannah as the idea they wanted bandv to carry forwards.

The result

The Old and new ‘faces’ design was chosen as the face of the 150th campaign as the client felt that it best represented the juxtaposition between Stannah’s Victorian beginnings and the present day, at once showing how things have changed, whilst acknowledging the company’s long heritage.

A prominent ‘150’ displaying the year that the company was founded (1867-2017) was also added to the well-known red Stannah logo for the duration of the anniversary year.

The two faces image was eye-catching and impactful and was used successfully in a series of ads across both print and digital media, throughout the anniversary year.

The striking image which bandv feel successfully conveys a feeling of heritage, diversification and innovation, was also displayed on a large billboard close to London Waterloo (in clear view of all the trains approaching from the South). This meant that many commuters and potential target buyer personas for the Stannah Group were reached.

Looking to the future

This year, as the ‘faces’ image was received so positively and was so impactful, Stannah wanted to keep the design format the same but further develop the image to make it more of a statement about the future. The latest old and new ‘faces’ design now shows a transition image from Joseph Stannah’s face to the face of a female engineer.


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